Venezuela To Face Strongly Any Territorial Breach From Colombia

The Bolivarian nation warns that the Colombian State has abandoned its borders and gives tacit consent to several criminal groups that attack civilians.

Venezuela ratified its commitment towards the protection of its territories in the border areas near Colombia where irregular armed groups have attempted violent actions against the population.

"It is a proven fact that the Colombian state has abandoned its borders and gives a tacit consent to criminal groups' actions in borders area," Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Ministry stated.

It also condemned that these armed groups use the civilian population as human shields to flee to Colombia, where they are not persecuted.

Besides launching attacks on Venezuelan electric and oil facilities, the criminals use "terrorist methods" such as planting anti-personnel mines.

On Wednesday, the Colombian Foreign Ministry tried to manipulate the counter-attack actions carried out by the Bolivarian Armed Forces in the border state of Apure where 32 individuals were captured.

The Venezuelan government lamented that Colombia's President Ivan Duque and the U.S. Southern Command (Southcom) have installed a corridor of illegal activities and use these groups in destabilization activities.

"Venezuela ratifies that any attempt to violate its territorial integrity, whether conventional or covert, by any armed organization, whether regular or irregular, will be met with forceful action," the Bolivarian diplomacy stressed.