Russia beats US in Venezuela


The first round of negotiations between Caracas and the Venezuelan opposition was successfully held in the Norwegian capital, and the second round will take place soon - with the aim of reaching a compromise solution to the conflict settlement that suits Moscow but does not suit Washington

Russia counts on the success of negotiations between the authorities and the opposition of Venezuela in Norway. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov, voiced this position of Moscow after negotiations with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla. Cuba, like Russia, is Caracas’s closest ally, so Lavrov’s statement is doubly remarkable.

Maduro pleased

Caracas is pleased with how things went in Oslo, where the first round of talks took place on May 16th, as soon as next week in Oslo the second one will pass. This has already been announced by the government of Norway, which did not recognize, in contrast to many Western countries, the American puppet Juan Guaido.

President-socialist Maduro called the contacts already held in Oslo positive.

“Our delegation is going to Oslo with the willingness to work on a coordinated comprehensive agenda and move forward in building good agreements,” the legitimate Venezuelan president wrote on his Twitter.

The peace has many supporters

It is clear that Norway did not get involved in this mediation by itself, but with the support of the European Union countries, many of whom recognized pro-American dummy Juan Guaydo as the leader of Venezuela a few months ago in the hope that he would be able to quickly seize power, and now very much regret it , turning its recognition into a formality and continuing to communicate with official Caracas and its diplomatic representatives abroad. In Brussels and European capitals, therefore, they are interested in a peaceful resolution of the crisis on a compromise basis.

Washington states that if the Oslo negotiators focus on the theme of Maduro’s resignation, "progress will be possible." According to the representative of the US Foreign Ministry, Morgan Ortagus, the only topic of negotiationscan be the resignation of the Venezuelan president.

It is curious that Guaydo completely repeats what they say about the Oslo talks in Washington. However, the prestige of this figure after several unsuccessful attempts at a coup d'etat is not the same today. Many Venezuelans, including those among the opposition, not all of whom are bribed by the Americans and among whom there are also patriots of their country, understand that he will simply surrender Venezuela to the US with its natural wealth in exchange for support and personal career prospects. And they don't like it.

By negotiating with the opposition, offering early parliamentary elections, the Venezuelan authorities can cause a split in the opposition. What prevents Caracas from sharing power with the latter without prejudice to the national interests of the country and with the aim of expanding the social base of the regime, regardless of who will lead it in the future - Maduro or someone else? After all, the opposition is not only an upstart of Guaydo, it has other leaders who are truly respected in the country. Therefore, it is possible for Venezuelans to agree, although not in the sense that they think in Washington.

As for Russia, Cuba, China and other countries-allies of Venezuela, then - with all their sympathy for Maduro - in fact, it doesn’t matter who will personally be the president of this country. For them it is important that their interests in Venezuela are not affected.

As having bet on Guaydo and the US military coup, they will break the deadlock they have created themselves - that’s their business. If the clever “regime” and the patriotic part of the Venezuelan opposition agree, Washington will be fools, and Moscow may celebrate victory.