Refugees and Post-Modern


On June 20, according to the UN decision, World Refugee Day is celebrated. Refugees are an element of archaism, bursting into the well-fed life of apathetic Europeans. However, parasitizing, refugees are stuck in an inevitable paradox.

A logical question arises: what is the "world refugee day"? Are we still not sufficiently tolerant, and we need more migrants? An explanatory petition is posted on the UN website. In her opinion, any self-respecting person is obliged to demand from his government:

Every refugee child gets an education
Every refugee family has somewhere safe to live
Every refugee can work or learn new skills to support their families.

Here, a very unhappy veil is opened: these are attempts to secure each and every one, to guarantee all kinds of rights in a world that ... It does not fully belong to us, Europeans.

In the era of postmodern, everyone loses: not only national states, but also Eurocentrists. There comes a third force - massive, uncontrolled flows of refugees. And when the red line is crossed, it does not matter whether you are defending Brexit or not ...

We need more refugees ...

Europe is experiencing the most serious migration crisis since the Second World War. In 2016, a record number of arrivals - 65.6 million people. Most of the refugees were registered in Syria (5.5 million people).

The record holder for the reception of refugees in 2016 is Turkey (2.9 million refugees). Then Pakistan (1.4 million) and Lebanon (1.012 million). In Europe, indicators are also extremely high - Germany - 669 thousand, France - 304 thousand.

The figures are terrifying. But even more terrifying is the appeal of the head of the United Nations Office for Refugees Filippo Grandi to increase the number of places for refugees by 13 times.

This is massacre, the point of no return is passed. In the West, in movies, advertising, politics, we are increasingly seeing dominant aliens. They are unable to assimilate, but they can not keep their conditional "aul" in the European space. They, who have lost their identity, remain in limbo forever.

The evaluation categories " bad refugees" or "good refugees" are confusing and distracting us from the main thing. When they flee the war, we feel sorry for them, but when they rape our women, get unemployment benefits and attack passers-by, deportation looks like the only reasonable argument.

In fact, they are trapped - and it is not known who is the victim in this situation.
From the European point of view, this is a disaster. Any healthy person will protect his people from a multicultural bacchanalia and socio-demographic crisis.

But this is an unconscious disaster for the refugee

"When people make war, they make refugees." Because of the war, they lose loved ones, their own home, and eventually have to emigrate. But it is worse for those who arrived / swam to the coveted "civilized" land.

They are an element of archaism, chaos and postmodernity. This is the moment when, in its own way, the traditional, archaic human stream gets stuck in a paradox and gradually turns into a Baudrillard simulacrum, losing touch with reality.

A black-bearded stranger who requires social benefits simply for the fact that he was born in the Middle East, and looks down upon the indigenous people, is a simulacrum. The European, who did not receive benefits, exclaims with a slightly trembling voice: "Refugees, welcome"! - is also a simulacrum.

There is a hope that if the Schengen borders are closed, the problem will go away. In any case, it will slow down the mad dance of death. However, the globalists have already opened a Pandora's box - and whether migrants, robots or newcomers-transformers will be in Brussels, the fate of Europe is unavoidably sad.