Preliminary reading: how does Trump's victory affect the jihadists'strategies?


The Arab and international media shed light on the results of the US election which ended up with the victory of the Republican candidate, "Donald Trump." One of the most important items that must be discussed and addressed is the war against terrorism, the American role inf the upcoming period, and how does Trump's victory affect the strategies of the jihadist groups? Does this return the United States to be described again as the 'Great Satan', and the head of the snake according to the jihadists' ideology or not?

All in all, we can say that unlike those who preceded him in the same position, "Trump" is one of the most pronounced characters concerning their attitudes. To understand the relationship between his new position, the war against terrorism, and dealing with Islamists, we should go back to his different and various comments concerning this.

Trump's attitude towards the significant issues of the region:

Trump's comments on the significant issues of the region express something about his intellectual principles and the features of his policy during the upcoming period. His comments addressed all issues whether the Syrian matter, Palestinian cause, or Saudi Arabia, and other issues that are considered the most important intellectual principles of jihadist groups.

Trump's attitude towards Syria:

Trump's attitude focuses on ISIS as he stresses on the necessity of eliminating and defeating this terrorist organization as stated in his statement before: "we have no other choice expect defeating ISIS." On the other hand, Trump continually speaks about the existence of Bashar Al- Assad regime. This indicates the way and the form of dealing with jihadist organizations and how to consider them. Supporting Bashar Al- Assad regime and the attitude towards the kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicate that Trump is in opposition to the Syrian revolutionary demands that stipulated the need to topple the Assad regime.

Trump's attitude towards the Palestinian cause:

On the other hand, Trump's attitude towards the Palestinian cause plays another role in his battle with the jihadist groups or rather the battle with all Islamic organizations. In the framework of his campaign and during his meeting with " Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu" in September, Trump's promised to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied territory,  Jerusalem. Away of this statement, trump's attitude towards the Palestinian cause is somehow vague, but he often will continue the American procedure and increase the American support for Israel.

Trump's attitude towards the Egyptian regime:

Trump's attitude towards the Egyptian regime is an influential factor, even indirectly, on jihadist groups and their strategies.  The Egyptians welcome Trump's victory and his statement that indicate his willingness to deal and ally with the current Egyptian regime especially along with the exit of Egyptian regime from the Arab organization. It is considered an important factor concerning understanding the current strategy of jihadists especially with the state of extreme hostility rooted in those groups towards the Egyptian regime.

Trump's attitude towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

It is the most obvious attitude because of the offensive language that Trump used in his statements starting from his vision that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia can't do without the protection of the United States, and Saudi Arabia should pay in exchange for this protection. On the other hand, despite the dispute between jihadist groups and Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia remains having its own power according to the Islamic world in general and the youth who have the willingness to be transformed into extremists. 

Trump's attitude towards Iran:

Unlike the American policy of the last period concerning dealing with the Iranian nuclear file, Trump's comment illustrates that he will use a different policy concerning dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue as he said  it is "the worst agreement, as it leads Iran, the first sponsor of Islamic extremist terrorism, to the way of getting a nuclear weapon."

Trump's attitude towards Russia:

The Russian-American conflict is one of the most confusing issues in the whole world, especially the dispute over dominance in the Middle East and the Russian intervention in Syria. Trump's comments evidently indicate his acceptance of the Russian intervention in Syria as this will destroy the forces of Russia and weaken it as what happened to the United States of America before.

Trump's attitude towards the Yemeni issue:

Despite the importance of this issue, it is the most disregarded issue. Neither "Trump" nor "Hillary" expressed a clear attitude towards the Yemeni issue. But Trump's attitude towards Iran affects Yemen in indirect way. The Iranian-American conflict may mainly affect the form of conflict in Yemen and its ally, Houthis. 

Jihadist Organizations' Reactions:

No reactions have been shown by leaders of major groups such as "Daesh", and "Al-Qaeda." There were some statements said by the loyal persons and the followers of those groups. Several press sites published these statements. For the Al-Qaida organization, all accounts that support Al-Qaida published a statement for Dzhokhar Dudayev who belongs to Al-Qaida organization; it says "if the September 11 attacks took around 5 years to be accomplished, I assume that Al-Qaida took enough time to accomplish greater operations. I think that martyrdom operations are ready and they will be carried out after the Republican Party takes the leadership of the idiot American nation."

On the other hand, many comments by Daesh supporters published on the Organization's channel on "Telegram." These comments express Daesh's yearn to Trump's victory; they post these comments as a kind of the Mujahideen's responsibility.

How can terrorism take advantage of this?

Anyone who has followed the last period of the strategies of terrorist groups can directly and loudly say the fact that "America" ​​is no longer as it was before the "Great Satan" and the "head of the snake" inside the jihadist circles except as for the form. But indeed Trump's statements can return previous sayings.

On the one hand, curtailment of Daesh organization is the catalyst behind changing their strategy and thinking about another way to win new sympathizers especially after losing a lot of Islamists who are sympathetic with the jihadist ideology. Nothing greater than Trump's statements, he stressed on eliminating Daesh organization.

On the other hand, the attitude towards the Al-Assad regime and Russia is another factor that serves the other jihadist groups while describing it as a war against Islam, and it violates the rights of the Syrian people; this pushes some people to carry out terrorist operations inside the US to limit its role in Syria.

The Palestinian cause is the greatest cause and the most exploited bait by jihadist groups throughout the history, concerning recruiting new extremists. Trump's attitude and statement that says "he will move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied territory, Jerusalem" will help the jihadist groups to win new supporters who are motivated by defending the Palestinian cause, and the victory of Islam and Muslims against Israeli enemy.

His attitude towards the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not less than the Palestinian cause. Although there was disagreement between the followers of the Salafist jihadist and Saudi Arabia, but the position of the kingdom and Trump's attitude towards her along with the Palestinian cause is good enough to say that Trump's polices are mainly against Islam and Muslims. 

Trump's victory is another way for the return of "Al-Qaeda organization" especially after curtailment of Daesh organization. This provides enough space for jihadist groups who left Al-Qaeda towards Daesh to show up and go back to Al-Qaeda organization which adopts an obvious hostile attitude against the United States and considers them as the greatest enemy of Islam and the Muslim world.

Finally, it is expected that the jihadist groups will direct to the United States carrying out several operations that will provide the jihadist groups with sympathy, once again, in the Islamic circles, especially as the Islamic regimes led by Saudi Arabi, believe that Trump is an obvious enemy, so we can describe the United States as "Great Satan" and the "head of the snake" again, according to the jihadist ideology.