Donald Trump vs. the New World Order?


For a better understanding of  Donald Trump’s transition towards the new American presidency, one should at least generally understand the present controversies in American society.  As a non-typical Republican who has sent some strong antiestablishment messages during the campaign, which was the main energy source for his election, Trump is in some way obliged not only to his people, but also to the whole world, namely to stop the new Cold War and confrontation with Russia. Is this really possible?

It is, but let us see the bad news first. Generally speaking, on the geopolitical level, the American ‘ideal’ of world domination, and consequently of establishing a World Government that would lead to the notorious New World Order, has two concepts. The first one is the so-called mondialism, which is adopted by Democrats, and anticipates a World Government that would includes representatives from other (strong) nations/regions, under American leadership, of course. 

The second approach is the globalism. This concept is included inside Republican party’s worldview, more precisely inside those republican representatives that are part of the American elite, aka. “deep state”, “shadow government”, “military industrial (and banking) complex”, “world oligarchy”, etc. This concept is straight: Full and total domination of USA inside a predicted World Government, no representatives from other nations, and the whole world subjugated to the American ‘dream’.

The Controversies

Donald Trump, at least during his campaign, doesn’t  seemed to be part of this republican branch. His claim ‘Americanism is not globalism’ has been widely accepted as a big hope for the world. Furthermore, his speech after the victory was additionally encouraging:
"I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America's interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone. All people and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility, partnership, not conflict."

To this, the world said, ‘Welcome, Donald’! But then, the reality came, i.e. the transition, the creation of the team that will rule America. It’s obvious that Trump has to make some compromise with the Republican establishment, no matter if he destroyed the elite’s players like Bushes during the pre-campaign.  First, he appointed the ultraconservative and ultracontroversial Steve Bannon for chief strategist, who we believe is more dedicated to inner American ideological issues than to geopolitical strategies. Then he selected Mike Pompeo for chief of CIA, a hawkish republican who, for instance, wants the death penalty for  Edward Snowden.

The main controversy is provoked by the new State Secretary choice in process. Even an individual like Mike Bolton, a hardliner extremist who for example stands for “bombing Cuba” and similar clownish policies is among main candidates. The fact that the choice will most probably be the supposedly moderate neoconservative Mitt Romney, tells us that Republican establishment wants this position at all costs, considering the fact that Trump is not in good relations with Romney as he sharply attacked Trump since his nomination.

Here, the world said, ‘Wait a minute, Donald’! Especially after the newest speculations that he will not support the promised prosecution of Hillary Clinton. However, if we want to believe that Trump was sincere in his claims for changing the world by changing America, we have to accept that he has to create a balance of powers inside US.

Faced with Soros and elite backed violent protests against his presidency throughout US, and with continuous mainstream media hostility that could lead to much deeper division inside American society and even a civil war, the President-elect obviously makes compromises which empowers many suspicions.

The worst case scenario of Trump’s election would be in case he was a selected non-typical player of the shadow government that cheated the whole world. This could be logical  to consider having in mind that the shadow rulers are faced with growing resistance throughout the planet (and inside US), so they played under table with a candidate who will declaratively attack them in order to attract the crowd, while in reality, when time comes, he will play for them. Similar hopes for ‘big changes’ have been introduced with Obama’s election as a first black president. We all witness the results of The Man Called Drone changes.

What we want to stress here is that the world has no many reasons to believe that changes and peace will come for sure, given the experience we all have with Pax Americana. The good side in a bad scenario is that we can’t be lied and manipulated anymore. We can see everything, and no policy can be hidden anymore in this world that is sick of confrontation and crazy dreams of ruling the world.

Still, what we want to believe is that Trump’s election  represents a clear and sincere answer of the American people against 1) the cultural and economic devastation of their society, and 2) against the perpetual wars caused by US, that made it the most hated state in history.

The Consequences

Historically, the Democrats’ establishment ruined the traditional American society by its cultural Marxism plus corporate fascism, through ‘the long march through the institutions’ of the baby boomers, embodied with Clinton and Obama rule. It all started during the WWII, when the Frankfurt School members, who escaped Hitler’s Germany to USA, implemented this controversial western Marxism branch as ‘critical theory’, resulting in ‘cultural Marxism’ hidden under the masks of ‘political correctness’ and ‘multiculturalism’. Which all together means a constant attack on the tradition, culture, language, nation, including the atomization of the family, propagation of androginity and so on. Resulting, furthermore, in a sectarian neoliberalism in combination with debt speculative economy, corporate fascism, and mondialism as a final stage.

From the other side, republicans under Reagan won the Cold War with Russia, but as time shows us, they lose the cultural war within the US that started back in 1960's, with the so called ‘counterculture’, being the main weapon of the cultural Marxism. Bush’s republican administration represented globalist inertia between the two mondialistic eras, those of Clinton and Obama. The cultural and economic mutations were permanent, under the rule of the shadow government.

Now, Donald Trump faces all of this, being under constant pressure of the voters to stop the degradation and ‘make America great again’, in terms of returning to the traditional American policy of Roosevelt like economic growth, inner and outer balance of powers, and traditional values, as a reaction to the Democrat’s quasi leftist, neoliberal, morally destructive, and war mongering policies.

An argument plus is that the world is no longer willing to suffer under the US hegemonistic totalitarianism, and possible global military confrontation with Russia and China, as a result of the new Cold War caused by Obama’s militarism. People are ready to defend themselves.

On August 17th of this year, The American Interest magazine published the last Zbigniew Brzezinski analysis entitled as “Towards a Global Realignment”, which some people read as a capitulation of the main strategist of the American supremacy. He wrote, The fact is that there has never been a truly “dominant” global power until the emergence of America on the world scene (...)The decisive new global reality was the appearance on the world scene of America as simultaneously the richest and militarily the most powerful player. During the latter part of the 20thcentury no other power even came close. That era is now ending.”

Yet, Brzezinski calls for American leadership in the ‘realignment of the global architecture’ process, but it can be clearly read as a last effort to cheat, because it would mean to keep the Dollar as a world reserve currency, meaning no substantial changes can be implemented in the international relations.

However, faced with the strong Russian (and partially Chinese) answer to the American imperialism and cultural impact, the Anglo-American elite  felt the danger that Russia will have no choice this time, than to defend itself at any cost, which would mean a great war and destruction of the elite’s privileges over the whole world. The elite’s first withdrawing move was Brexit. Since Putin came to power, they launched an endemic western antagonism against Russia, but the new Cold War started in 2007, after Putin’s famous speech at the Munich Peace Conference. It culminated with the American/Western geopolitical intervention in Ukraine and Putin’s response to it, and especially after the Russian military intervention in Syria, which was an open and direct ending of the unipolarism.

So, the West lost this mini Cold War with Russia, and the election of Donald Trump is a direct consequence of this result. Will he really stand behind his promises and take the offered hand for friendship, or he will be controlled by the shadow government and thus become McDonald Trump willing to dominate the world with globalistic junk food, we will all know very soon. Meanwhile, let us all cross the fingers and wish him good luck in case of the first option, but show him the middle finger in case of the second one.