Cybele rises again in the 21st century


The “Women’s March” held the day before yesterday in Washington can be interpreted on several levels. The first one is political. The demonstration was presented as a protest of the American electorate against the elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. The second is the technical, organizational one. Investigating the structure of the march and the organizations which participated in it shows the ideological lobbying network linked to certain financial and oligarchic groups.

This is the left-liberal spectrum of global capitalism, which is often presented as a progressive democratic movement. This is the Trotskyist International with numerous branches formed over the course of many years to include such diverse movements as libertarianism and feminism.

The appearance of Planned Parenthood on the list of sponsors of the march clearly shows the nature of exactly those who went out to march: those citizens who believe that there is no difference between having a pet or a baby. They think: "If you are tired of your dog, you can put it in an orphanage.” And if the child is “not desirable”, then one can simply have an abortion or use chemical protection.

Their participation in this march is not a surprise, since Trump has advocated a pro-life position and denounced abortion since the beginning. The bulk of Planned Parenthood supported Hillary Clinton. In addition, their interests are obvious. On the eve of these events, it was announced that Trump would sign a decree on cancelling the funding for Planned Parenthood from the US state budget. This organization is listed as an exclusive sponsor of the march.

The so-called Natural Resources Defense Council, the largest international organization involved, is the next large entity which is presented as a platinum sponsor of the march. The organization is supposedly dedicated to environmental issues, but the context of its particular political agenda is characteristic of the globalists.

But there is also a symbolic level. The strange costumes of these masquerade participants in Washington and also in other cities and countries (as the organizers say, they were supported by five million people from around the world, but this is not a very large number capable of making a sensation by global standards) indicate the ritual side of this march. Males dressed in vagina costumes were an especially not-so pleasant sight. However, such perversions have been seen before even in traditional societies.

This was characteristic of the orgiastic cults in the ancient Mediterranean countries. The worship of Cybele was pronouncedly matriarchal in nature, and was often accompanied by sexual violence against men. The active followers of this cult were obligatorily castrated and made to wear women's clothes. An interesting paradox is that the ideas of technological progress that have flourished in the framework of Puritan culture in the United States might find this to be savagery.

But since time is not linear, but cyclical, somehow this phenomenon had to appear again in a new form and manifestation.

The French Revolution, in its day, gave birth to the idea of ​​the “liberation” of women, but with the kind of "bonus" of a constantly working guillotine. The institution of terror became the heritage of statehood and was then actively used by liberal democracies.

And if the cult of Baal is embodied in Wall Street and the Western culture of the consumer society, with such adverse effects as drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution, then gender politics and third wave feminism are pushed by the cult of Cybele and her fans - homosexuals, strange creatures, foeticide supporters hiding behind the “right to choose”, and the corporate-media-drugged youth on the global scene.

These three levels of the “Women's March” are of substantial significance. All of this is taking place in a globalized world and therefore ultimately affects more than just the United States.

The social engineering replicated by the globalists aims at changing the behavior of certain social groups, strata, classes, and even nations. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze where Baal and Cybele might appear next and which circumstances this could to lead in the end.