Neoliberals and globalists are pressing on Trump and Tillerson


If you think that you have a hard job, think about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. No sooner had the ink of the presidential signature dried on the second package of anti-Russian sanctions, as the official American press again attacked Tillerson.

And if earlier he was accused of sympathy for Russia and unwillingness to support sanctions, now things are even worse. The press began to talk about the incompetence of the Secretary of State as the leader in general.

According to journalists, Tillerson focuses too much on minor problems, does not trust most of the 75,000 employees of the State Department and can not form a new team of managers. The New York Times cites one of the venerable retired diplomats:

"The Secretary of State should focus on the president, his policies and the heads of other countries with whom he interacts ... This means that he can not independently engage in the operational work of any department."

However, the problem is that, like Donald Trump, Tillerson's job is simply blocked by the American political system. In the inheritance from his predecessor from the Obama team, John Kerry, he received a thousand-strong army of subordinates who have absolutely different political and personal attitudes. Tillerson's subordinates frankly hate him and at the first opportunity try to stick a knife in his back.

At the same time, another edition, The Washington Post, reproaches the State Department and personally Tillerson in reluctance to spend $ 80 million allocated to confront Russian propaganda by the US Congress. Journalists argue that there is no mechanism in the US for opposing propaganda by Russia, China, or ISIS.

This type of information attack is a classic example of pressure on non-systemic officials from the neoliberal and globalist lobby in the United States. Each concession on the part of Trump and Tillerson is perceived by them as weakness. A little more, and the president and the secretary of state will finally be driven into a corner.