Trump urged the military general to save his administration from the collapse


President of the United States Donald Trump, whose administration is bursting at the seams in the face of unprecedented pressure and rejection by a large part of the American establishment, finally decided to clean up his headquarters - the administration of the White House, where chaos and anarchy reigns. To do this, Trump called John Kelly. He is an experienced four-star general who lost his son in Afghanistan, who served in Iraq under the "Mad Dog" James Mattis - now the head of the Pentagon - and carried out the most dangerous tasks there.

If the retired General Kelly, a serviceman who is far from apical intrigues, can not cope with the task set for him by Trump - to discipline the White House employees, expose "moles", "eliminate" leaks "- then in a couple of months, there will simply be nothing to save.

Experienced general

Prior to his appointment to this post, Kelly served in the US Marine Corps for 45 years. He moved to the White House from the post of Minister of Internal Security, where he achieved brilliant success. Since January of this year, more than 70,000 illegal immigrants have been expelled from the United States, 70% of the number of illegal crossings of the country's borders has been reduced, a serious blow has been struck against the drug mafia and the financing of criminal groups, including those that can be considered terrorist. Kelly picked up good and effective assistants and established the automatic work of the department.

Kelly rejected the demands of the Democrats to leave the "illegal immigrants" alone, simply drawing the attention of the critics that the laws of the country must be respected. 

No chaos in the White House

The general has already shown that the president was not mistaken in his choice, having expelled from the White House the scandalous communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who worked for this post for only 10 days but managed to break as many firewoods as the whole team of loggers could not.

In order to understand what Kelly is going to do in his new post, it's worth to say a few words about the identity and circumstances of the resignation of his predecessor, Reince Priebus, whom Trump also called "a star".

Priebus remains a supporter of Trump

Priebus left deservingly, saying that if Trump needs him again, he is always at his disposal, as he remains his supporter. "I respect the US president and the country," he said.

 The President, however, did not remain in debt: "I want to thank Reince Priebus for his service and dedication to his country." We have achieved a lot together, I'm proud of him! ".

So Why was Priebus resigned?

Priebus, who was never a big supporter of Trump, could provide services to the American establishment.

First, he could "drain" his boss and be the organizer of systematic "leaks". For what? To create an atmosphere of chaos in the White House and as soon as possible to discredit Trump, including by promoting early, ill-conceived presidential decrees, which were subsequently blocked by the courts.

Secondly, Pribas could not simply prevent Trump from being discredited so as not to quarrel with the globalist American establishment. This second option seems more preferable. He did not eliminate the threats, the chaos in the White House took with him monstrous dimensions, and Trump's patience finally burst.

The embarrassment in the White House has already caused tremendous damage to Trump. As a result, there are persistent rumors about the imminent resignation of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Presidential Adviser on National Security Lieutenant-General Herbert McMaster and US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And how many figures have already left the White House! - Priebus, Sean Spicer, Michael Flynn ...

In general, in this situation, Kelly has a great responsibility