Pro-American militants surrender to Armenian authorities


The group of armed extremists who seized a police station in the Armenian capital of Yerevan has surrendered to authorities. 20 armed extremists have laid down their guns after two weeks of confrontation over the course of which two police officers were killed at the hands of the terrorists.

Pro-American revolt

The terrorists have called on their supporters to continue protests in Yerevan and other cities of the country. Rallies in support of the militants have been held by the pro-American opposition primarily associated with the "New Armenia" coalition of former Foreign Minister Raffi Hovannisian and the Armenian National Congress party of former president Levon Ter-Petrosyan. The militants belong to the radical opposition organization "Founding Parliament" of warlord and Karabakh war veteran Jirayr Sefilian. This structure is also part of the coalition of "New Armenia". Their main demand was regime change in the country and the release of previously arrested Sefilian.

Anti-Russian action

The armed terrorist attack in Armenia coincided with the US-backed coup attempt in Turkey. Protesters raised anti-Russian slogans and used anti-Russian propaganda trademarks and rumors such as those launched during the Ukrainian "Maidan" in 2014. In particular, misinformation was spread about "Russian snipers" and "Russian Special Forces" operating on the side of government forces. Nationalists have incited revanchist sentiments among the population by calling for the resumption of war in Karabakh. The disruption of the Russian peace plan and incitement of a large-scale regional war involving Russia and Turkey would indeed be on the agenda of the opposition’s program if it comes to power.