Sometimes you have to fight for peace

To better understand this article, it should be remembered that, sometimes, you have to go to war in order to avoid more war. This has been proven two years ago in the Crimea, where, thanks to the resistance of the people and the Russian help with "polite people", the peace has been withheld, but as a contrast in Novorossiya,  inaction on our part has led to the current war in the Donbass and the occupation of the rest of Novorossiya by the Nazis. And, even though the article may seem pro-war, in fact it is for peace, because the actions proposed will ultimately lead to peace and freedom for more than 20 million people.
The "Tretyakov Plan" can be used as an example:
"1. Russia declares that the Russian people is the biggest separated-people of Europe, and within the boundaries of "Ukraine" from 1991 there are about 20 million Russians, and all of them are now in danger.
2. Russia makes the Kiev regime formally charged with genocide of the Russian people and people of other nationalities, who do not recognize the legitimacy of the current Nazi regime in Kiev.
3. In the event of the failure of the world community to recognize the fact of genocide in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine that is ... Novorossiya, then ...
4. Russia recognizes acts of self-defense (by Police / Army of Novorossiya), as a national-liberation war.
5. Russia recognizes the DPR and the LPR as the free parts of Novorossiya, the rest of which is now occupied by the Nazi regime in Kiev.
6. Russia undertakes to meet the DPR and the LNR in their calls for help to protect their population from the destruction or eviction from their historical lands, as well as help them to liberate the rest of Novorossiya, from Kharkov to Odessa.
7. Russia will be ready to conclude a military alliance with Novorossiya.
8. After entering into such an alliance Russia will not hinder her volunteers to join the ranks of the self-defense of Novorossiya.
9. Russia announces that armed actions of third countries against Novorossiya is an aggression against Russia herself ... ".
In practice, this means that helping to liberate Novorossiya - this is the salvation of the Crimea and the whole of Russia!
It would be good if Novorossiya gets (from someone) many hundreds of heavy field weapons: mortars (including reactive), artillery, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, air defense systems (including S-300). But even in this case, the war would be long and bloody.
But even better if Novorossiya will receive (from someone) some dozens of aviation, the war would end quickly and almost bloodless (for Novorossiya). It is only necessary to arrange it. For example, let South Ossetia (which has recognized Novorossia) give or lease to Novorossiya a mixed (fighter-assault) aviation division (with instructors). To the east of the Dnieper the fighters would destroy everything that flies, and stormtroopers destroy all enemy airports, all armor and all the artillery-batteries, as well as military depots. Then, once the war is over the bloodflow ends.
Of course, behind the scenes without the help of the Kremlin nothing (like the supply of heavy weapons or aircraft) will work. But for the Kremlin this is the most peaceful option: on the one hand, the Kremlin has nothing to do with the war (except the difficult-to-prove and usual practice in the world, the supply of weapons), and on the other hand, the Kremlin would not be a traitor.
By the way, to base the aviation division is most advantageous in the Crimea: it is close to Novorossiya, it has a good air defense system, and the Kiev regime cannot  whine that "Ukraine is attacked from the territory of Russia" because Kiev has also announced that "Crimea - is Ukrainian territory".
And be sure to make a general mobilization in Novorossiya, not only volunteers, but everybody is mobilized - in the first place, so that they are not mobilized by the enemy, and most importantly, for the education of the youth of egoists into patriots; it is well known that such education is better and faster going on in the army, especially in the fighting army.
Have no doubt, if Novorossiya dies - then after her Russia will be lost (and the Kremlin with her): after the betrayal of Novorossiya nobody in the world will respect Russia! After Novorossiya the "international community" (the United States with their subordinates, their "independent" puppet states) will select the Crimea, then Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the Kuriles ... so all in all Russia (and the Kremlin) just have to help with all force for the liberation of Novorossiya (if they themselves want to survive). 


If Novorossiya will not stand then the west will just start a bigger war, for the Crimea, Ukraine and Russia, with gradual involvement in it of third countries. So Novorossiya protects not only themselves but also the Crimea, Russia (and Ukraine) from a great war. Therefore, for Russia it is of vital interest to help Novorossiya with all kinds of weapons and instructors until victory!