Super-fakes made in the US

The standard method of information war is blaming others for your own sins

On November 24th, The Washington Post published an article entitled «Russian propaganda effort helped spread 'fake news' during election, experts say». As can be guessed from the title, the article deals with alleged Russian interference in the electoral campaign in the United States. The author of the article states that this was done with the help of “fake news” spread by media located in Russia or sympathetic to Russian politics.

The article mentions the site which is presented as an independent platform that contains materials on misinformation. The site has also published a list of media supposedly “spreading Russian propaganda”.

The analytical center Katehon can be found on the list, as well as the authors of sites that regularly provide Katehon with their materials and comments such as, for example, Paul Craig Roberts and William Engdahl.

The site’s creators claim to be independent. Taking into consideration the lack of professionalism, the CIA or other US intelligence agencies do not stand behind However, its cooperation with the “neoliberal cartel” is quite evident.

Propornot urges people to:

1) Obtain their news from the globalist corporate media spin-empire such as NPR, BBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, VICE, etc.

2) "Work with our European allies to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT financial transaction system, effective immediately and lasting for at least one year, as an appropriate response to Russian manipulation of the election."

It is no accident that The Washington Post focused on the work of Katehon. However, many US citizens have perceived this stupid article as a “lame duck” devoid of any serious grounds. Instead of dealing with their own problems, leading corporate US media are creating “fake news” by referring to their own written “fake news”.

Some of the Obama Administration’s recent statements display a tendency towards political censorship in the United States and represent an attack on freedom of speech and democratic ideals, such as by possibly creating special filters for social networks to block “fake news.”

Moreover, the readers of The Washington Post are concerned by this situation, as they have left the following comments:

Gene Holley

8:11 AM GMT+0300
I strongly disagree with this article. I went to the Propornot site for more details and could find none. I looked for information on the writers, names and qualifying bios, and found none. This article is unsupported trash.

patrick one
7:54 AM GMT+0300
When the NYT's gives back their fake award for journalism they got for PROMOTINGSoviet Russian propaganda I'll believe you are serious. That is "knowingly promoting Russian propaganda".

Eric Nunez
7:31 AM GMT+0300
Washington Post has officially lost all credibility with this article. This article is absolutely ridiculous and totally unsubstantiated.

7:29 AM GMT+0300 [Edited]
Anytime the Democrat Party accuses another group of a nefarious deed you can know it is what they themselves do. The DNC is the group that paid trolls to go to websites to make comments. The democrat trolls were everywhere and one way you knew they were trolls because their FB account didn't have any friends at all. They were at every website comments section I went to. So it wasn't the Russians, it was the DNC. It was really silly and accomplished zilch.

6:53 AM GMT+0300
Boy, I'll BET The Washington Post wishes they never printed this article. Their propaganda backfired on them spectacularly.

Worried in Minnesota
6:51 AM GMT+0300
WAPO you just can't stop trying to find ways to elect the most irritating and poorly campaigned candidate at least in recent history. She absolutely is THE worst example of Washington Elite - she takes money INTO her foundation from the worst human rights violators in the world and yet you call Trump supporters misogynist and bigots. The woman took money from countries that execute women and LGBT in the streets! and then used it to pay for her daughter's wedding. By the way we aren't stupid - we can figure out how biased every single large media outlet is. You need to work harder to get us back.

6:12 AM GMT+0300
Apparently PropOrNot said it would reveal its names when Putin reveals his. Suffice it to say, The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald destroyed them for it:

11/26/2016 11:47 PM GMT+0300 [Edited]
This is hysterical; just yesterday I was cracking jokes about the media's approved sources list, and now WaPo is moving in that direction.

Basically, anyone who doesn't agree with the corrupted, biased media, Fox News included, is off the approved sources lists.

11/26/2016 11:29 PM GMT+0300

This article itself is an example of “fake news.” It assumes that American voters were easily hoodwinked by Russian propagandists.

That characterization of U.S. intelligence is insulting to both supporters of President-elect Donald Trump and Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton. Both sides were quick to migrate toward information sites that reinforced ideological predispositions.

The Washington Post in its continuing campaign to discredit the Trump election and to further hasten its own Lemming-like suicidal rush to irrelevancy attempts the following ingenuous pretense of journalistic balance.

“There is no way to know whether the Russian campaign proved decisive in electing Trump, but researchers portray it as part of a broadly effective STRATEGY of sowing distrust in U.S. democracy and its leaders.”

That is precisely the point. There is no evidence that so-called “fake news” tilted the electorate Donald Trump.

Thus, the Washington Post is as guilty as the sites it criticizes.