Mainstream Media is at the Beck and Call of the Military Industrial Complex & the Washington Warmonger


The mainstream media in the US was very instrumental in selling Washington's invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent occupation.

They are using the same media tactics [in Syria] as they did in Iraq, except that this time it is very dangerous [in terms of a wider conflict] since Russia, Iran, and China are backing Syria.

When you poke the Russian bear, you're waking it up from his hibernation. This is exactly what we have been witnessing with the strong stance that Russia has been taking towards Syria.

I think NATO's behavior has been extremely reckless and extremely dangerous. The mass media is fully instrumental in the current Russia bashing and Russiaphobia. The same applies to Iran, except that Iranophobia has been going on for nearly 40 years, ever since the Iranian's 1979 revolution.

We have even witnessed this utter Russiaphobia  recklessness when it comes to the US presidential race, especially the personage of Mrs. Clinton, the very embodiment a Neo-con/ Neo-lib warmonger.

There is an old Freemasonic expression, "Order out of Chaos", as in, "Ordo Ab Chao" in Latin.

The US mainstream media is absolutely instrumental in feeding a chaotic geopolitical agenda. It openly and shamelessly fans the flames of false fear. Then they go ahead and vigorously promote the "order", as in the solution that the Matrix puppet masters had in mind all along. This is a typical bait and switch tactic.

This is exactly what we saw in Iraq [and across the Middle East] and now in Syria.

Unfortunately, the West isn't seeking a political solution in Syria whatsoever. They misperceive Syria as a crucial piece of their puzzle for further contrived anarchy.

Syria is part of a much bigger plan that they have in mind for the Greater Middle East. One of their diabolic goals is to evacuate and depopulate huge parts of the Middle East: Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and even Northern Saudi Arabia for their "Great Israel Project".

Also, a very practical part of this conflict is for energy purposes. This is another energy war, as in oil and natural gas, even water!

Massive amounts of natural gas have been discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, which just happened to fall into territorial waters of Gaza/ Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and of course, Northwest Syria, with Aleppo as the major city in that area. In other words, where all these ISIS and Al-Nusra savages are congregating and putting up their last fight, hopefully their total defeat and obliteration.

Ultimately, the West wants to create a separate proxy nation there, better put, the total balkanization of Syria with natural gas as the main source of income and immense prosperity for this new puppet state. The new discovery of natural gas in the aforementioned areas have the potential of totally changing the geopolitics of the region!

Meanwhile, the Israelis are drilling deeply in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and  extracting these new supplies of natural gas illegally, as usual. That is their modus operandi. No surprise there.

War is very profitable for the fossil fuel sector. Washington creates these wars and later presents itself as the solution provider, a protector from terrorism, while it was all along the very puppet master that created these terrorists savages. These are undeniable geopolitical realities.

People in charge of Washington and Brussels don't care if they trigger  World War III. That's the extend of their utter lunacy!
They are so fully preoccupied and vested with these diabolic plans that  they are willing to risk another world war in order to maintain their Anglo-American Empire in order to  maintain their dysfunctional  economic status quo. But even at that, we are seeing the last days of that world order, their so-called, "New World Order" which was never new at all.