The murder of the Russian ambassador was nothing but a cry of Globalist agony


The murder of the Russian ambassador, Andrey Karlov, is a true tragedy. But this time it will not spoil Russian-Turkish cooperation. This situation is not the same as last year's killing of our pilots, organized by the Gulenist network.  The Turkish side, in that case, didn't recognize their fault and didn't apologize from the very beginning.  That situation almost destroyed relations between Russia and Turkey.

After the vile murder of our ambassador, the Turkish side sent its apologies to the Russian people and government immediately, within minutes.  I personally have received condolences  from some very influential politicians from Ankara. Both Turkish and Russian sides showed an intention to continue with our rapprochement.

The perpetrator of this bloody murder has already been identified as a member of the Gulenist network. On the same day, there was a terrorist attack in Germany organized by ISIS, so I think we are witnessing the agony of the Globalist administration, forced to leave the White house. They tried to destroy Russian-Turkish relations on the day of the Electoral College voting. It was their last attack on our strategic partnership.

The reaction of our president, Vladimir Putin, was quite different from the reaction after the downing of our plane as well, because Putin directly blamed  the network of Islamic fundamentalists that were behind this murder, and he has shown an understanding of the difficult situation of President Erdogan.

Therefore, I am absolutely sure that this time the incident will not hurt  Russian-Turkish relations. We will continue to elaborate our common strategy over Syria and we will work together in order to organize a stable and peaceful situation in the Middle East. Our cooperation will get stronger and deeper out of such a painful moment.

We have lost one of the best men in diplomacy. Our hero, the ambassador Andrey Karlov, who contributed so much to save the relations of our countries,  was killed by a coward in a very unmanly way - shot in the back. This is not only a terrorist act, but also a dishonorable one.

The organizer will pay a huge price for this assassination. Our strongest and loudest response to this crime will be the continuation of the Russian-Turkish strategic alliance, and the acceleration of the Turkish withdrawal from NATO, and creating a new Eurasian alliance. That is the only reasonable and symmetric answer, because our enemies - the globalists - fear this moment more then anything else. Nothing will stop our progress in the creation of a multipolar and democratic world order.