How globalists stifle US freedom of speech


Leading American journalist Alex Jones has been banned for a year by Apple, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Conservative media continues to be cleaned up in the USA

Exactly a year ago, IT giants declared war on the famous American TV presenter Alex Jones. On August 6, 2018, Apple removed podcasts from the journalist and his popular InfoWars channel from all of her applications. The streaming service Spotify removed Jones from the list of shows. YouTube joined the campaign. The largest video hosting company has removed four channels of the presenter from 2.4 million subscribers. More than a billion people watched some videos.
Even “neutral” Twitter did not stand aside. Exactly one month after Apple’s decision, the social network, which was accused of sympathizing with the right views, deleted the pages of Alex Jones and forbade him to create new ones. 1.3 million people signed up for two Twitter accounts. The last blow was dealt by Facebook. In May of this year, the world's largest social network blocked Jones’s accounts in its Instagram application.
Formal reason - hate speech
Why is one of the most popular journalists in the world “kicked out” of social networks? Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all claim that Jones spreads fake news and misinforms the public, and his tweets and videos contain hate speech.
The 44-year-old journalist fell for his opponents after he gave his version of the events of 2012. In his opinion, shooting at a Sandy Hook elementary school could be a production, and its victims actors. Parents of two killed children sued the presenter on charges of defamation and the dissemination of cruel and false allegations. This was enough to declare Johnson "fake" and disconnect him from the global web.

The trial was just an excuse. Because globalists have long grind a tooth on a Texan. What did he not please them with?


Firstly, ideologically. Alex Jones is an advocate of traditional Christian and family values. He openly criticizes the globalist idea, which destroys traditions and state sovereignty, opposes illegal migration and condemns transgender people.

Secondly, Jones spoke out loud about what the liberal media are silent about. He questions the official version of key events in US history, for which he received the nickname "chief conspiracy theorist." So, he argued that the 2008 economic crisis was created artificially to drive Americans into slavery. The attacks of September 11, 2001, were organized by the US government to justify the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. And the moon landing was filmed in the Stanley Kubrick pavilion.

Jones began his career as a journalist on the local Texas channel, where he came from. Then he switched to radio - one of the most independent information resources in the United States. At first, he was not interested in anyone, with the exception of several thousand of his subscribers. But when the audience grew to ten million visits per month and grew more than The Economist and Newsweek, the video blogger became dangerous. Especially on the eve of the presidential election.

Did Jones bring Trump to power?

When the establishment was almost certain that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would replace Barack Obama, Alex Jones openly supported the candidacy of unsystematic candidate Donald Trump. In the midst of the election campaign. When the CNN, Washington Post and The New York Times devoted all their airtime to Democrats, Jones created a positive image for Trump and invited the billionaire to his broadcast.

It was on the air of Infowars that Trump said that he would "get along well with Putin," and Jones noted that his "audience supports 90 percent" of the Republican. Jones is one of those people who made Trump come to power. And they cannot forgive him for this.

The ideas broadcast through Infowars threatened the concept of a “new world order” that globalists intend to establish. Alex Jones reveals the ins and outs of American politics, tells citizens about the “deep state,” a structure that really rules the United States, hiding behind a show called “Democrats Against Republicans.”

Jones provides an opportunity to discuss the “pizzagate” - rumors that the leadership of the Democratic Party arranges orgies involving minors. Jones raised the issue of Hillary Clinton's possible involvement in the assassination of Democrat Seth Rich, who merged his correspondence with presidential candidate on WikiLeaks. The journalist also demanded to open a criminal case on Clinton for her guilt in the murder of American diplomats in Libya.

"Friend of Russia"

Prior to the election of Trump, Jones was dangerous in supporting the Republican. After Trump came to the White House, the journalist did not suit the globalists anymore, because he was preventing him from overthrowing the billionaire. While CNN and other mainstream media outlets tackled topics such as “Russian interference in the election” and “Trump's conspiracy with Putin,” Jones exposed trumped-up charges.

Turning the Enemy of Globalism off the World Wide Web is not an independent solution from Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. The leadership of the three campaigns at first refused to be the "arbiter of truth." But under pressure from the media and congressmen, the IT giants succumbed.

CNN and Democrats demanded to ban the placement of "fake news" by Alex Jones. In the wrapper of anti-Russian sanctions, the Senate managed to push through the right for the State Department and the CIA to independently determine "US information threats" in the bills signed by Trump. To track Jones' posts, they connected artificial intelligence, which finds and blocks the TV presenter's publications.

Stripping Conservative Media

The disconnection of Alex Jones is the most striking, but not the only example of the struggle with an alternative point of view. Another Trump supporter, former editor of the conservative Breitbart portal, Milo Yannopoulos, fell under the “hot hand”. He was disconnected from Twitter. Laura Lumer, a right-wing activist who criticized the Minnesota Democrat of Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, found herself in the same black list.

For the company with Alex Jones, Facebook was banned by Infowars commentator Paul Nelen, who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2018, and Luis Farrahan, a black nationalist suspected of anti-Semitic remarks. The same fate may befall the comedian and sports commentator Joe Rogan. His podcast is accused of sexism because less than ten 10% of its guests were women.

The statements of Alex Jones and other conservative journalists, of course, have excesses. But all modern journalism suffers from this. How many times have CNN, BBC and other leading media outlets distributed fakes? It’s enough to recall the “conspiracy between Trump and the Kremlin,” which, after Mueller’s report, was recognized as a myth. Or staged shootings about chemical attacks in Syria, which were exposed by a German journalist. Why are CNN, Washington Post, and the BBC not disconnecting from social networks?

Therefore, the only true explanation for what may be the assessment that gave the son of Donald Trump. He called the blocking of Jones accounts a sweep of conservative media. His father accused Facebook, Google and Twitter of conspiring to strangle conservatives. And Jones himself considers the campaign a consequence of an international conspiracy.

The pressure of the IT giants weakened the resource capabilities of Alex Jones, but could not turn him off the air. Although Apple services no longer have links to InfoWars programs, the journalist’s True News series is still available on iTunes. Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have blocked Jones' accounts. However, he continues to broadcast the Alex Johnson Show every day, and his broadcasts are available at and