Erdogan plans trip to Iran


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Iran next week, an Iranian news agency has reported. According to analysts, this visit will be the final step in the formation of a continental alliance of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

The prospects of the visit

Notice of the impending visit had been reported today by the Iranian news agency Farsnews. However, the exact date of the trip has not been disclosed. Previously Iranian officials reported that they were ready to accept Erdogan in Tehran at any time which was convenient. The prospect of the Turkish leader's visit to Iran has been actively discussed since the historic meeting of Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 9th, 2016, in St. Petersburg.

The Moscow-Tehran-Ankara Triangle

Iranian experts believe that the emerging likelihood of an Erdogan visit will finally resolve their differences, and will create an effective coalition that will be able to proceed to the matter of de-escalating the war in Syria, and marginalize the destructive forces represented by the West and the Gulf states. The tripartite coalition will be created by Russia, Iran, and Turkey and will occupy a leading position in the region.