It’s on Eurasian countries to help Turkey leave NATO

After the unsuccessful coup Turkey steps back from NATO and looks towards the SCO. Our expert Ismail Yunus Somer explains the conditions and reasons under which Turkey may leave NATO.

I think they will not discuss any details on the meeting in St. Petersburg. Our Presidents might discuss some economic aspects, but the main issue probably is going to be around the coup d’états, the US involvement ant Turkey’s new position in Eurasian context. I hope they will not enter too much into specific details. This will be a strategic meeting to set a basic decision. Still, I expect some concrete results to be presented. Certain agreements might be presented to the public as a signal of rapprochement.

I’m pretty sure that the reaction on this meeting from the west is going to be, as usual, negative. Recently, one German Member of Parliament declared a very significant statement: “we maintain the membership process with Turkey not to make it the member of EU, but to avoid its alliance with Russia”. There might be some provocative steps from NATO, but the more they push – the closer Turkey gets to Eurasia.

There is a G20 summit in September, and I think Eurasian countries will be rather advised to support Turkey’s rapprochement to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.  We have already observed very positive steps from Kazakhstan. Now it is on Eurasian countries to help Turkey leave the Atlantic System. We, as the Patriotic Party, are calling all our neighbors to support Turkey in this process of determination and re-orientation.

There are different degrees of being in the NATO. Before cancelling the treaty we have a lot to do. First of all, US bases in Turkey should be closed. Additionally, our defense industry, which is now very connected to the NATO defense industry, should re-orient towards China or Russia. One thing is very important: if the Eurasian countries want to support this process, they need to take the side of Turkey concerning the fight of Turkey against PKK. It is the main reason, why we are moving away from NATO. NATO wants to divide our country, and this forces Turkish government and all Turkish patriotic forces to question the role of NATO. Eurasian countries will be well advised to position themselves on the side of the Turkish unity and thus support the process of pulling Turkey away from NATO in different areas.

The recently published photo of the US Ambassador’s meeting with Col. Ali Yazıcı has caused great interest in Turkey. But it is no surprise. From the pro-government to the opposition press, still everyone is of the same opinion that the US was involved in the attempted overthrow of Erdogan. There is a really clear consensus here among media, politicians, and the population. What’s more, this is not the only proof of the US’ involvement in the coup d’etat, as there is a long list of other evidence. On the night of the upheaval, American officials appeared on US TV saying that Erdogan had fled the country, which was not true. But the way that Pentagon officials were very keen to disseminate such information is very intriguing. There were also visits made to Turkey before the coup and on the night of the coup by such persons as former CIA Vice Chairman Graham Fuller.

Col. Ali Yazıcı was a former advisor to President Erdogan. This once again shows the importance of the government being very effective in conducting purges. Gulenists penetrated deep into the government and state institutions. The photo evidence confirms that they were clearly working for the US. American representatives in Turkey are kinds of spy agencies. A huge purge is necessary here, and it is on its way. Consciousness is rising. We know Ambassador John Bass pretty well and his presentation as someone unwilling to tell the truth. For example, America supported the PKK and PYD, but meanwhile he stated in press conferences that the US does not support them. He is unreliable. There is the option that the government could demand a recall of Ambassador Bass following an investigation, but his position is safe for the moment.