Roots of terrorism. Part 3


There is another belief of Wahabis, which is anti religion, anti Islam, anti-intelligence anti-Christianity. The belief of the Wahabis is that if the grave is slightly raised above the surface of the land then it must be demolished and leveled to the ground

Roots of terrorism. Part 2


It is proved even from the Wahabis' books that the Terrorism was ushered (announced, showed) in, was introduced to Islam by the Wahabis.  Abdul Wahab writes in his own book ‘Khashful Shobhat’ that those who believe Prophets of God (peace be upon him and his progeny)

Saudi Arabia lounches a Proxy War Against Iran


During the Middle East tour, US President Donald Trump has stated many times that Iran is the main culprit and source of terrorism in the region. The real evil - the "Islamic state" - was mentioned much less often.

Bosnian Potential for Radical Jihadism


If we go back to the1990's, the CIA and the US Special Forces created the war in Yugoslavia to break the country up.  At the same time, they were breaking up the Soviet Union into different republics and the Russian Federation