Austrian Eurosceptics Against the EU Migration Policy


The following is from an interview transcript



Yes, there is a lot of Euroscepticism in Austria and it is totally logical. There is a great dissatisfaction since Austria is now one of the two countries, who actually inhabits the illegal immigrants since the start of the crisis.

However, in fact, nobody wants illegal immigrants, nobody welcomes the people who did not register and who did not check about the background, especially since the latest terror attacks in Paris and Berlin. We know that usually the participants of these are illegal immigrants. Therefore, everyone knows that the Union cannot guarantee our security.

The whole idea behind the European Union is very good and there is actually a huge support of European Unity. On the other hand, this great idea was awfully disfigured. Our borders are in danger due to reckless migration policy. The European Union exists as some kind of Super State, which is ruling over its citizens with bureaucratic measures and is ruining the authority of the Nation States.

These measures are leading to resistance inside European Union. Those, who used to be pro-unity are now saying: “If we are staying some more years inside the EU, it will simply blow up”. Therefore, everyone want to leave the ship, which is already sinking.

There are many patriotic forces. I think we should not call them Eurosceptics, because they are more Euro-caring. These people are actually worry about the destine of Europe and don’t want destroy the EU. Therefore, these forces are actually want to leave the European Union in order to preserve the Europe.
I think that even if the European Union will end, this won’t stop the process of European unification or European civilization. But we need drastic reforms and drastic measures to preserve this continent and the first measure would actually be that we will finally close our borders in Mediterranean. Also, we should start looking at all those people who immigrate to our continent in order to repatriate them because they are actually posing huge security risk at the moment.

Austria is still a very wealthy country but this wealth exists due to huge debts created in the last 20-40 years. Everyone, who was watching out for the European situation during the last few years, knows that we are having a huge problem with mass migration. And, as the consequences of this mass migration from the Northern Africa and the Middle East, we have a huge problem with Islamization. For example, there was a terrorist attack last summer, more then many people were injured, four were killed. During the investigation, it was discovered that terrorist had Islamic background but the police tried to hide this information. The media portrayed him as a simple maniac who had nothing to do with Islam.

Recently, there was a report that actually more than 50% of the mosques in the city have a radical Wahhabi background. This process of Islamization exaggerated by Turkish institutions and Saudi Arabian institutions.

Vena is the only city in Europe which has a King Abdullah Center for religious dialog. And that is very curious because Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow to build Cristian churches. So, I don’t see a dialog there. but these institutions are actually promoting Islamization and encouraging people in Austria to grow a long Muslim beards and start living according to Sharia Law. Also, they are using Muslim population as a pressure group.

Many people in Austria think that everything is okay. But when you look at a criminal statistics, when you look at faces of our cities, which are changing every day and becoming more alien to autochthon Austrians, it is actually clear for every patriot - that the drastic measures have to be taken. It is the only way to solve these problems.