Terror attack in New York


8 people were killed and numerous others injured in New York on Tuesday, when a suspected member of ISIS plowed a truck into pedestrian and bicycle path in Lower Manhattan.

Media attacks Trump

There is no doubt in that mainstream US media are going to blame Trump administration for the accident as well as once again raise the issue of the Second Amendment, a New York Times columnist even praised city’s restrictive gun laws amid the terror attack saying that ban on assault rifles saved lives.

Cultural context

The fact the terror attack took place on Halloween’s eve is of a high importance. ISIS leadership uses postmodern context as an element of psychological warfare. 2 years ago an attack on Paris was carried out on Friday, 13th - a day many people connect with dark spiritual powers. A bloody attack on the Eve of the most demonic feast of current Western culture is a clear signal.

Conspiracy of the elites

The biography of the suspect raises numerous questions. Syafullo Saipov, 29 is an Uzbek citizen who got a permission to enter US via Diversity Visa Program. Saipov’s country of origin and appearance should have driven additional attention from US special services. He comes from a country neighboring to Middle East where the positions of radical Islamic preacher are strong enough to recruit thousands of young men to fight for ISIS. US authorities might have used him and this terror attack in order to compel White House to give more power to CIA, FBI and other structures. Donald Trump is now in difficult situation where on the other hand he must react and on the other he cannot give any more power to so called “deep state”