Bosnian Potential for Radical Jihadism


The following is from an interview transcript


If we go back to the1990's, the CIA and the US Special Forces created the war in Yugoslavia to break the country up.  At the same time, they were breaking up the Soviet Union into different republics and the Russian Federation.

They decided to destroy Yugoslavia as a functioning state, and they decided to use the Mujahideen coming out from Afghanistan. These were the same Mujahideen of Osama Ben Laden who were the CIA and Saudi Intelligence’s assets responsible for recruiting Jihadists not only from Saudi Arabia, but from all the Muslim world through the networks of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a death cult by the way. The CIA began smuggling these Mujahideen at the end of the 1980's into Bosnia.

They did a rather dirty thing. Bosnia and Herzegovina at that time was ethnically almost equally divided between Croatian ethnic nationals, Serb ethnic nationals, and Bosnian (Muslim/Bosniak) ethnic nationals.  So, it was 1:1:1, t not a Muslim part of Yugoslavia as the Western media was trying to pretend - that was a lie.

But the CIA chose Izetbegovic to be their man on the scene. The US ambassador rigged the game to make him president when there should have been a rotating presidency between ethnic groups. But Izetbegovic became president and the US supported him. Then they brought these psychopathic jihadists who had gone through Afghan CIA wars against the Red Army troops in 1980's.

During his young years in the time of World War II, Izetbegovic was in a youth organization that recruited jihadist Muslims to fight with the Nazi SS division in Bosnia against communist partisans. So, Izetbegovic, an old pro-Nazi, was made into the US-Clinton's man in Bosnia explicitly to destroy the Bosnian-Serb population.

Therefore, these CIA-jihadist networks have been in Bosnia since the early 1990's. The Saudis have been a major financial supporter for them. The largest financier of radical jihadism in the world today is Saudi Arabia. They’ve spent around one hundred billion dollars since the Muslim Brotherhood was implemented by the CIA into Saudi Arabia. By the way, I have a book "The lost Hegemon", which documents all that I am saying in great detail.

So, the Saudis are the greatest sponsors of Islamization of Bosnia. Now, the fact that ISIS is coming to Bosnia to stir up and make more trouble in Europe is not at all surprising, because ISIS is nothing but a new form of Al-Qaeda and a CIA creation financed by the Saudis’ money.