Turkish media shout about exacerbation in Libya: Haftar lost key positions near Tripoli

Wednesday, 3 June, 2020 - 08:27

According to the Turkish publication Anadolu, the gangs of the so-called Libyan National Accord Government inflicted a military defeat on the forces of Khalífa Haftar.

It is alleged that LNAG fighters recaptured strategically significant positions near the base of Yermuk. Thus, they managed to gain a foothold in the vicinity of Remle, near the Tripoli international airport.

In addition, according to the headquarters of the LNAG "Anger of the Volcano" military operation, the planes of the Government of National Accord bombard Haftar strongholds near the settlements of Garyan and Esabia.

Earlier in the Haftar troops it was reported that they had regained control of Al-Asabiya, which is 100 km from the Libyan capital.

Recall that the situation in the North African country became tense due to the fact that last month LNAG representatives announced the assumption of full power in the state.