Colombia: tough measures against peacekeepers

Sunday, 20 November, 2016 - 05:00

In the Colombian capital of Bogota, police harshly dispersed the camp of supporters, who were for a peace treaty between the government and rebels. The camp was located for 40 days in the center, at Bolivar Square.

During the operation the police insulted and beat people, including the elderly and women. Carolina Osorio, a camp spokesman said: «Police surrounded the square, no one could re-enter. They dismantled the camp and took away all the things which were there».

At the same time the mayor of Bogota has said that the demolition of the camp took place in the framework of the law and after prior consultation with the supporters of peace being there.

In addition, Military Forces of Colombia have launched an operation against the National Liberation Army, one of the two rebel armed groups, with which was planned to sign a peace agreement. As a result, one of the leaders of the organization was killed. President Juan Santos, a so-called «peacekeeper», congratulated the police of Colombia with this «great achievement».

Moreover, Santos won the Nobel Peace Prize for signing peace agreements with the rebels that was supposed to be marked as the end of the Fifty-Year War