Venezuela not to open borders with Colombia

Friday, 16 December, 2016 - 09:45

The closure of the Venezuelan-Colombia border has been extended for another 72 hours. In addition to this, the border with Brazil is also closed.

Earlier such measures were reported to be held on the background of the ongoing reform of the country's currency, directed against drug-related crimes and illegal withdrawal of large amounts of funds. However, this is emphasized not to be directed against the banks of neighboring countries.

Moreover, the closure of these borders could be also considered due to Nicolas Maduro’s desire to stabilize the political situation in the country. Graduates of American “courses on civil self-governments” and trained leaders of some protest movements are exactly from these neighboring countries, which are led by pro-Western elites. At the present moment, when Caracas is faced with unprecedented challenges, this fact greatly complicates the whole situation.