USA Media Envies Red Machine


The USA has won 9 gold medals in the Olympics, far out doing the “Olympic Athletes from Russia’s” 2 medals. Despite this fact, the American media is seething with jealousy over the Red Machine taking the gold. For example, The New York Post published news about the victory of the Russian national ice hockey team over Germany with a mysterious title


“A team without a country won gold medals in hockey”

This seems to imply that “Russia” did not win. Instead, some neutral athletes did and Russia should not get any credit. Possibly they were trying to drive home the point that Russia’s wins do not count because many athletes were disqualified. This was due to the questionable and possibly selective “doping” scandal. This is what turned Russia from RUS to OAR on TV screens the world over. Many Twitter users heated up over the New York Post’s wording.

“The team without the country won hockey gold,” – wrote the US media, whose team with the country crapped in the quarterfinals.


“A media outlet without quality journalism keeps posting politically biased nonsense.”


“They have a country and they sang the anthem.  American men won curling and smooched for the cameras.”


Yahoo also felt it had a political message to make. This is the title of a Yahoo Sports’ take on the victory of the Red Machine.

“Russia gets its hockey gold, but at what cost?”


The Internet edition was so dissatisfied with the victory of the Red Machine that they decided to bring up Vyacheslav Voynov’s scandal from 2014. The article makes it seem that sports hero Voynov went unpunished but they even mention that he was convicted and served 90 days. He did the time and paid the time, but that is not good enough for Yahoo. Are past offenses reasons to ban athletes from international competition?

“Sunday, in PyeongChang, Voynov along with his Russian teammates capped off the 2018 Winter Olympics with gold medals wrapped around their necks, the first gold for Russian hockey since 1992. And with that, the 2018 Winter Games came to a close with a medal ceremony involving a team led by a player who has been suspended playing for a country that has been banned.”


The American media has taken many cheap shots at athletes and even fans from Russia.  The New York Times devoted one of its articles to Russian fans with a fantastically “unbiased” title.

The Olympics’ Awkward Guest


The newspaper criticised them for the excess of patriotism. Why people may act patriotic at an event where nations compete should be obvious to anyone. However, The New York Times found this a shocking occurrence.

“The Russian supporters in the stands took it upon themselves to make up for the quasi anonymity of the athletes and to push back against the International Olympic Committee’s punishment?


American media can write about Russian fans and sportsmen anything and call their victory whatever, but it does not prevent them from winning, despite all the obstacles. America has had and will continue to have fantastic results in the Winter Olympics. The American media, on the other hand, continues to prove how much of a failure it is acting like a racist paranoid sore loser even when American wins.


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