Liberal Advertising for the Ukrainian Puppet State


If a nation's military intelligence intends to do something in life, it should not use armed birds and Latin proverbs on its brand new emblem. It should use something national. But if the emblem was made according to the Western snobbish, glamorous, design studio style, then it is totally understandable why the emblem is so full of kitsch details, lacking any national symbol and without any sense for military issues. It looks more like some international para-police organization whose usual fashion is always a decorative globe, a bird, a sword and, of course, some kind of Latin proverb in order for the entire circus to look 'smart' and convincing. 

The new Ukrainian military intelligence emblem features an armed and enraged owl on the emblem. Whoever knows anything about owls would also know that these birds have a special kind of vision which deprives them of the ability to see what is going on right in front of their eyes, and are no heavier than 4,5 kg (the largest examples of them). But an emblem is meant to be a symbol, so this owl might have some symbolic significance. All the symbolisms in various parts of the world connected to owls signify destruction, death, ill-omen, an invitation for the boogie-man, and other things of the sort.  The symbolism of the owl is also related to wisdom in Ancient Greek culture, connected to the Goddess Athena. It is not very common, but sometimes owls attack humans. Their only weapons in these attacks can be their talons and beak. Not a sword. The sword is a fashionable borrow from nouveau riche ideologies and snobbish cowards, like many international para-police organizations are. Is this not humiliating for a country's military department?

Besides the armed owl, the new emblem of the Ukrainian military security contains the Latin proverb of wisdom or reason: 'Sapiens dominatur astris' (Wisdom, or wise man, dominates the stars). But who is sane and who is wise and who has reason in the failed state of Ukraine, an asset of inter/trans/multinational capital? Who is wise and who, among Ukrainians, dominates anything in Ukraine? Maybe this is Poroshenko, the president who makes decisions. But dominating the stars? This is even more insane. Dominating the stars? Which stars? Ukraine can not even get a star on the EU flag, not to mention dominate real stars, no matter how hard it tries. Ukraine tries hard to prove that it has Nazi roots, just as the EU does. Is there someone to tell those poor people in the Ukrainian state management (it is management, not governance, as the governance of Ukraine is handled elsewhere) that their entire country is used for symbolic, visual, social, medical, pharmaceutical, market, religious and other kinds of rituals? They probably do not know those things.

Either they do not know, or they know and they like it, which would make them a new kind of spineless management of the nation, ready to sell its population and its country for a few dollars - bloody ones, of course, and worthless ones. But glamorous ones. This method was improved by practicing it with Croatia and Montenegro for years before the first steps in Ukraine in that direction.

Does the Ukrainian military intelligence even know which area is under its jurisdiction? Does it know where the borders of the country are? Does this service know that the country’s puppet president is extracting money, natural resources, and other natural or other kinds of infrastructure in order to keep himself in power? Does the military intelligence know that the Ukrainian puppet president has a company worth several million euros in Germany? Does military intelligence know that Poroshenko has financial deals with the Rothschilds, or more precisely, does it know that the puppet president of the puppet country is specifically the Rothshilds' puppet? Does military intelligence know that all this makes it a puppet service, as well? On whose behalf and in whose interests will Ukrainian military intelligence operate?  Is someone supposed to be scared of an enraged owl with a sword? Or should anyone be scared of the 'sapiens' of Ukrainian military intelligence?

First of all, if any of those poor people from the military intelligence have any brains, it would be clear to them that they are subordinated to an external hierarchy and power, that there is no such thing as a Ukrainian state, and subsequently, that there is no state military, so there can be no military intelligence. The fact that they have a provocative and “scary” emblem makes them neither powerful nor strong. The age of liberal advertising is in its dark phase. and there is no sane person who will fall for it. Condolences for those poor humans remotely controlled by consumerism and the fashionable idiocracy imposed on Ukraine by its bosses, who think that bloody money will save them from inevitable death. 

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are obviously very afraid of death. As are Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Vanderbilts, the Bush and Clinton clans, their poor servants, and everyone they succeed in introducing to the daily hysteria that it is ‘now', which is more important than anything else – although that 'now' is also in danger with them. 

Maybe the Rothschilds feel better while eating Poroshenko's sweets from the company they first made for him and then took away, but there must be some bitter taste after seeing the outcome of their activities in the failed state of Ukraine. Is it possible that they have fallen hard? It is almost like Nathaniel Rothschild’s glamorous birthday party in Porto Montenegro several years ago, when the downfall of Montenegro became inevitable. They are like owls; whenever they appear, something is destroyed – even if they bought it first.

There are not many boxers like Mohammed Ali. Klitchko is a rather stupid Rocky character from Hollywood, unlike Mohammed Ali, an intelligent and socially engaged human being. Klitchko's involvement in Ukrainian political life has shown just what are the assets and resources at the disposal of those making failed states. And it also speaks to how futile their HR sector is. As if one boxer in Kiev could knock down everyone – they all must be on hard drugs, like Hillary Clinton.

So, it is not much of a surprise that Ukrainian military intelligence had its show program in presenting the new “visual identity.” This was all about a company changing logo, and everyone should know that, in order to maintain big sales with a new visual identity, it is necessary to preserve existing and attract new consumers. Having in mind this, Ukraine as a state has already been sold. It all matches. 

It is just not clear yet whether all Ukrainian citizens are informed that they are now the property of powers outside the country who own them, shape their life and death, and design their state policy and all other policies, including their new military intelligence, which is evidently futile, but good enough to show off and follow Hollywood scripts. Is there someone to inform citizens that this military intelligence is not there for them and the country, because neither the country nor they exist? The presentation of the new visual identity of military intelligence looked like a commercial. Like a commercial, everyone knows it will end soon and, despite being loud and impressive with attacking visual content, it is not real.