France accused of interfering in the affairs of Lebanon


France was accused of interfering in the affairs of Lebanon, which needs loans. This allows Paris to impose its terms on Beirut.

The French authorities are actively interfering in the internal affairs of Lebanon.
This is the Directorate General for External Security (DGSE) of France. Initially, Arab journalists announced bilateral contacts. In addition, French President Emmanuel Macron has created a roadmap that Lebanon is now trying to adhere to.

As an expert on Middle East politics said on condition of anonymity, the Lebanese faced serious problems back in 2018. Due to political instability, Beirut turned to donor countries for help, which have pledged $ 11 billion.

But the money did not come, because the US decided to get even with the Lebanese Hezbollah and put pressure on Iran.

"To do this, they used powerful financial pressure, which actually paralyzed the Lebanese banking system, and provoked massive street protests in the pattern of color revolutions," the analyst explained.

Without waiting for the assistance promised in Paris, the government of Saad Hariri was dissolved. He was replaced by Hasan Diab, after which negotiations on the loan resumed. However, in August 2020, an explosion occurred in the port of Beirut.

Under these conditions, Emmanuel Macron developed a stormy activity, having twice visited the capital of Lebanon. But the Lebanese still have not received the money.

Now in Lebanon there is a struggle for ministerial portfolios. Mustafa Adib, who replaced Diab as prime minister, is trying to form a new government, but the country is experiencing huge financial problems, and Paris is constantly tightening credit conditions.

At the same time, the United States imposed sanctions against ex-head of the department, Ali Hassan Khalil, accusing him of supporting Hezbollah. As a result, the Shiite parties have become more active, having retained their ministerial portfolio since 2014.

Syrian analyst Somar Abudiab told PolitExpert earlier that the events in Lebanon could negatively affect the life of the entire Middle East. An economic crisis is raging in the country, which has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. Do not forget about the explosion, which caused colossal damage to the budget.

The expert connected the departure of Diab's team and the ensuing political uncertainty with the desire of certain forces to recognize the state as incompetent, calling for international assistance, within which the UN would send troops.

"Of course, this will increase the pressure on those who resist the pro-Western political forces," the expert said.