Opposition in Venezuela wins

Parliament elections in Venezuela will bring serious change of the political spectrum. With 99 seats in the National Assembly, the National Unity Roundtable could remove cabinet ministers as well as the vice-president from power. A majority in the National Assembly can move to form a new political power with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) getting only 46 seats. The rest of the 22 will be known after the final count.
A pro-Washington turn in Latin America

After presidential elections in Argentina and the current political crisis in Brazil, it seems that US lobbies will get more chances in the region. The opposition ha the idea to be a supporter of the White House and to re-open doors to the country for the "gringo".  The US very much need a Venezuela as its own backyard. Washington want to break the ALBA project and to end the left-wing period that is characterized in part by strong anti-US rhetoric from these Latin American states. From an American point of view, the Caribbean region must be pro-America, or at least neutral. But with the socialist leadership of Cuba and Venezuela, this is problematic.  Venezuela is also one of the largest world oil producers.

Power of the president and regions
Because defense, security and foreign affairs are the responsibility of the president there is still a chance that the Bolivarian revolution will continue, but for Nicolas Maduro, it will be more difficult to spend money for the military and security sector.
Regional authority also be led by PSUV, so there will be resistance to the National Unity Roundtable too.
The opposition will try to cut any spending linked with PSUV and organize a conflict between the National Assembly and the President. There still is a veto right that Maduro can to use for any decision of parliament. 
All these differences and new conditions will result in more tensions and possible public unrest.
But with 111 seats in the National Assembly, the opposition can start a referendum to change legislation and any deal including international agreements.
Internal problems
Increases in inflation, sanctions from the US and crises in many sectors of the economy means hard work for both - the PSUV and the opposition. 
The next presidential elections will be in 2019 and this means really hot political battle inside the country. Maduro will try to limit US influence in Venezuela, but the National Unity Roundtable will start  to effect permanent control of the cabinet ministers and all authorities. 
There no chance for a possible deal for the development of a plan for a new national strategy, because PSUV representatives already stated that it not will be cooperates with bourgeois National Unity Roundtable.