Largest Human Rights Group in the World Calls for Investigation into Chicago’s Police “Black Site”

Amnesty International USA has called on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in a formal letter, to open an independent investigation into alleged human rights violations that have taken place at the facility.

“As the Mayor of Chicago, you have a responsibility under US and international law to ensure that human rights violations are not committed within the city,” wrote Amnesty International USA executive director Steven W. Hawkins.
The human rights group also urged Mayor Emanuel to allow Amnesty International full and unrestricted access to the alleged “black site,” where accounts from people held there, describe violations of basic civil and constitutional rights as we previously reported on.

“As we’ve seen the world over, from Guantanamo to the Philippines, when detainees are being held in secret, human rights violations inevitably occur. Mayor Emanuel must use all of the tools at his disposal to investigate these claims and ensure the protection of those in detention,” Hawkins said.

Over the weekend protests continued on the ground in Chicago and on social media, in an effort to continue to keep a focus on these alleged abuses. The mainstream media has remained curiously silent about this facility and the allegations first reported on by the Guardian.

Until the city of Chicago and the U.S. Department of Justice open a full and transparent investigation into what has actually taken place at this facility, we will continue to shine a light into the darkness to expose the information being intentionally kept from the purview of the public.

The Free Thought Project