What's wrong with the World Refugee Day?


On June 20 World Refugee Day is celebrated. According to the UN, today there are about 70 million of them in the world. And the number will grow, since this phenomenon is beneficial to those who aspire to total power over the world and use them as a ram to achieve world domination

All normal people inherent desire to help the unfortunate, caught in trouble and become refugees. Because now they have neither a stake nor a yard, and they are happy to receive a pair of blankets and bottles of clean water and are happy that they survived during the inter-clan massacre, terrorist attacks or as a result of "democratic bombing".
The sense of guilt and compassion is especially characteristic of those who understand how much conflicts in the modern world are man-made. That states do not collapse themselves. That terrible terrorist groups are not created for nothing, from scratch. That these processes are controlled - and when Western countries send planes to bomb those or other countries, and when their special services organize and pump up money to opposition to unwanted regimes, even in the face of such hideous groups as ISIS.
To then use thugs in another place with similar goals. Millions of refugees who are deprived in the process of this normally sheltered by some "noble" goals of the criminal policy of shelter and forced to save their lives, get the sympathy of all noble people who do not even understand the true background of the events. We practically never see the truth of these refugees, because it is very difficult for them to break away from the place of tragedy. This should be remembered by all who celebrate World Refugee Day today.
How "refugees" replace refugees
Alas, the further, the more much in our world acquires the character of imitation, that's why there are refugees and "refugees". Residents of prosperous countries deal, as a rule, only with the second. They prevail, because they are betting on the strengths of this world. Why, then tell you. According to the provisions of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the Statute of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), this category includes any person who, because of fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political convictions turned out to be outside their own country, can not or does not want to enjoy its protection.
It is believed that "everyone has the right to seek asylum from persecution in other countries and to enjoy this refuge." However, most of today's "refugees" are not victims of genocide or political persecution: they are very wealthy fugitives from the world of need to rich countries to live even better. They are illegal immigrants who masquerade as refugees in the "social jihad", who pay for their journey to Europe, North America or Australia the money that their middle-class citizens do not have in their bank accounts.
The partners of deceit
In this fraud, hundreds of charitable and "human rights" organizations, "philanthropists" such as George Soros, whole UN units, numerous parties of left and liberal orientation are actively participating. Some are stupid, others are completely conscious. They cooperate with criminal circles - smugglers of "living goods", which turned illegal migration into an extremely profitable business for themselves. In this sense, they are not much different from those existing on Soros grants and other professional "human rights defenders".
Their wards, the "refugees", pursuing individual and self-serving goals at an individual level, are a tool of globalists in the destruction of the modern Western world, which, from their point of view, has achieved on the barricades and as a result of bribery with too high a level of well-being and freedom, so that they can be more convenient and less costly to manage. In the world of the future, 1% of the world's population will own 99% of its wealth. So far, according to the report of Oxfam, this figure is 82%, and the eight richest people in the world own as much money as half of all mankind.
But appetite comes in the course of eating, and there is simply no more convenient way to "discard the golden billion" for the finalization of this process. The instrument for achieving this goal is "refugees", as the Communists once counted on the proletariat to achieve world domination. To the peoples of their countries, the Communists promised an earthly paradise and deceived, of course. Deceived and "refugees" - they also just beckoned for free, soon it will end. Errors of the past are taken into account in the project being implemented to turn the world into a new Babylonian tower of the liberal-police type.
How it's done?
To realize this ambitious project, it is necessary to erase state borders. Abolish existing laws and - over time - individual states. Destroy existing identities. Shuffle and disunite peoples. To deprive the roots of their culture, replacing them with a kind of global ersatz. Ensure that host countries of "refugees" receive on their behalf their internal enemies and anti-patriots.
It is necessary to sow the seeds of new conflicts: ethnic, civil, religious. And, most importantly, create a pretext for their solution on a regional and global scale with the help of the latest technologies, aggressive ideologies and totalitarian-police practices. After all, the nomadic world of tens of millions of people inevitably goes hand in hand with extremism and terrorism - on every street, in every lane and, especially, in the ghetto, which are created by immigrants in other countries, in fact, on the grounds of extraterritoriality, even the police are afraid to put a nose on.
Naturally, migrants usually do not even think of observing article 2 of the Convention on the Status of Refugees: "Every refugee has obligations to the country in which he is located, by virtue of which, in particular, he must obey laws and regulations, as well as measures, adopted to maintain public order. " And, as a rule, nobody reminds them about it. Let's remember how it happens in recent years. Here is the most obvious example.
In 2015, Germany, having spit on its own legislation, opened its borders to let in the country more than a million new "refugees" from the countries of Asia and Africa, although it is clear to any normal person that they are conscious participants in a grandiose logistics operation, that these are not real refugees, because they could not have so much money, strength and opportunity to run so far from their home, regardless of whether it is intact or destroyed.
USA Trump: let all the delights of refuge be with others
A huge role in modern refugee life was played by the United States, the policy of chaos that brought down entire countries, led to the death of millions of people - in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, migratory flows from and through which rushed to Europe, bringing the hour of her death. While the US military-industrial complex, politicians and military personnel earned huge sums of money on all this, weakening their industrial and potentially geopolitical rival in the face of the EU. If it were not for Russia's intervention in Syria, successfully milling the terrorist "international" in this country, the turn would have reached it. The United States accepted units of Syrian "refugees". However, under President Donald Trump, continuing the aggressive foreign policy course of Washington, despite the pre-election pledge to end this, the US authorities do not intend to do even this.
"The United States will not be a migrant camp," President Trump promised the day before. He criticized the migration policies of the EU countries, which allowed them to enter "to millions of people who have changed their culture so violently and violently." He stressed that his administration would not allow "what is happening in Europe" and especially in Germany, where because of the "refugees" the government coalition that had been weakened by them in the last election, which is already weakened by them in the last elections, will soon collapse.
So the USA, or rather, using their power for its own purposes, supranational elite, uses "refugees" to achieve its far-reaching goals, successfully appealing to the feeling of pity and compassion of noble but naive people. To create a world that will become a prison for all.