Decisive battle of Aleppo with a global format


I have mentioned in a previous article about the need to achieve a decisive victory in Syria in order to get rid of the terrorism that threatens the global body as well as the Syrian body. The focus was on the threat of terrorism in the world. I would like to point out that the analysis of the Syrian situation from the standpoint of terrorism is only the analysis that takes into consideration the symptoms of the disease without examining the real causes of it. Terrorism was and will remain the product of a real disease, from which the world suffered today. Let me remind you of the statements and analyses of the famous Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, that most problems of the world today are related to the nature of new liberalism, which increasingly becomes more brutal and greedy. The forces of capital are looking more and more for power and control of the whole world to be like a game controlled by them, and all what we hear about freedom, democracy, and human rights are, from their point of view, only tools for more power and more control.

Neo-liberalism has come to the conclusion that there is no life, no future without it taking over the world, including Russia, and that uni-polarity is an essential condition of its existence. It does not accept a partnership with anyone and cannot continue with a multi-polar world. Therefore, the Russian vision of a multi-polar world, which started from a correct understanding of the nature of the world today, is an existence war for the United States. The nature of neo-liberal forces in the United States does not accept multi-polarity or even regional countries with weight and ability to maintain their national interests. Perhaps this is one of the causes of the hostility from the US to Iran and Syria.

Terrorism is a product of the thought of the neo-liberal forces, which uses means of destruction and division to ensure the achievement of chaos in order to destroy nations, divide them, and later append them to the United States. Here, let me point out an important term in political terminology when we are talking about the United States and its "allies". The United States has no allies at all - all the so-called "allies" are affiliated countries. In fact, they walk with the American plan. Even its Western partners are not allies and they have to obey and walk in the convoy of "the leading country in the world" - the United States. They are just like the case of the allies in the former Warsaw Pact and the former Soviet camp when the participating countries in the Warsaw Pact were "allies" to Russia. The regional "allies" are in a relationship with complete dependence on the American directives, but more than that, the regional allies are being used as cheap cards when needed. An example of this is the use of the Tunisian regime’s paper and the Egyptian regime’s paper during the wave of the "Arab spring". They threw these two cards in the trash to show that the wave of the "Arab spring" is a real spring wave, in order to reach the intended target of this counterfeit spring, which was Syria and its axis, in order to have complete control of the entire Middle East in favor of the United States and Israel. The remaining allies in the region such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia seemed to arrive, and power exceeded the permissible limits, with calls for a change from the inside and transmitting chaos to them and encouraging them with actions that caused their collapse. Perhaps the Obama doctrine in regards to these two countries is an indicator of what we are saying.

The Russian philosopher Dugin is a pioneer in attentiveness to this risk, so Russia was conscious of the need for the formation of a multi-polar world. Thus, Russia formed a new alliance with China and other countries (the BRICS and Shanghai organizations) to stand up against this madness that wants to impose neo-liberalism on the world, that led also to the formation of a new alliance in our region, launched from Syria, because the neo-liberal attack by the means of terrorists arrived to Syria. This alliance with Syria consists of countries inside and outside the region that have the same vision towards the values and interests like Russia, China, Iran, and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Let's go back to the Syrian situation and the coming battle of Aleppo. We noted a clear diplomatic conflict in the last days between the Foreign Ministers in both the United States and Russia - Kerry and Lavrov. Kerry threatened and said that the US’ patience was running out. Lavrov responded harshly to Kerry and said that the US is using the paper of terrorism in Syria by preserving Al-Nusra Front, which classified as terrorism according to international legitimacy resolutions. Russia has accepted a new truce in Aleppo for two days and possibly may extend it to two weeks and possibly stall it until August, where the United States is seriously involved in a game of American elections. We said in a previous article that Russia's policy is: to achieve gains step by step, even if this is causing tension among some of those who want to finish quickly from terror and pain. But the war needs patience and statesmanship, it needs also to choose the appropriate times for fighting, and exhaustion of the opponent by filming that he fights side by side with terrorists. I understand those who are screaming in pain, and I'm suffering as they are, but I also understand that the axis that depends on values ​​and interests can manage the battle through the art of the possible in politics, where managing tactical differences with allies in favor of the strategic objectives or managing tactical understandings with enemies in favor of the strategic objectives as well.

The American Russian engagement is not a diplomatic maneuver, nor a distribution of roles between the two largest forces in the world. Russia understood the nature of the current conflict. Therefore the Russian acceptance of a new truce aims to convince the world that the United States is not serious in fighting terrorism. The truce is not absolute evil for the Syrian army and its allies, but it has advantages and disadvantages. Let us remember that the achievements made by the Syrian army during the truce in Palmyra, and again in Raqqa and in the north of Latakia areas. Perhaps today's battles to defend Aleppo carried out by the Syrian army and its allies are the big battles that will turn to attack and to liberate Aleppo in the very near future.

Future results of the war in Syria are an indicator of life or death for the neo-liberal forces; it is the first serious battle between unipolar and multipolar forces.  The neo-liberal forces want the collapse of Russia and connect their future with this collapse. The battle of Aleppo will be a very important indicator for winning or losing the future for the both sides. US forces are amassing in the Baltic and on Russia's borders. This ignites the fire in Ukraine and Macedonia and other places, where there is a missile shield in Eastern Europe, and expands in Scandinavia in order to complete the ring around Russia. It is a military and political project to prevent the emergence of multi-polarity and the continuation of uni-polar world domination. So we can say that the battle of Aleppo is a decisive battle for the restructuring of the region on new rules. Aleppo today constitutes the seam between the uni-polar forces and the forces of multi-polarity in the world. Perhaps the tripartite meeting between the Defense Ministers of Russia, Iran, and Syria came to show that the strong alliance is continuing in the struggle against the forces of hegemony and terrorism led by the United States.

The battle of Aleppo is coming for sure, and victory in it is sure too, because our alliance is fighting in favor of values and interests that we believe and pay in blood for to reserve them and national interests, which saved them all the celestial and terrestrial laws. While the other alliance claims that they hold freedom and democracy and the values of human rights, while working to destroy the world through greed and expansion, and create chaos and terrorism throughout the world.

Let me tell you two important results after the global victory in the battle of Aleppo, namely the collapse of two regional regimes in the region - Erdogan’s system and the Saudi Arabian system. I will just put the two results before your eyes without listing the many substantive arguments for fear of prolongation.

The suffering of the Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Lebanese, Egyptians, Libyans, and Tunisians, and the suffering of all those who are caught in terrorism in the world is the result of what Erdogan and the Saudi family has done to achieve the ambitions of their masters in the United States and Israel. But the failure of their works will result in certain punishment on them from the American master because United States compels them alone with the consequences of failure in this plan - that they wanted it to burn the whole region for the benefit of Israel and America.

But the greatest punishment that millions of the tortured and oppressed are working consciously or unconsciously to achieve will be produced through the millions of messages sent through their thoughts, their emotions, and their feelings as electromagnetic waves (carrying energy and information) to the universe, which receives all these messages, and will process them, and nothing will be missed. In this universe, the power will never be lost. It saves every nook and cranny, but also stores all of these messages in the sea of ​​the endless possibilities, and the universe will respond from this sea of endless possibilities, which will not affect only some persons in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but may even apply to everyone in these two countries and possibly outside of them too. And this is not what we want because we do not wish harm to anyone, but energy is kept and not lost in the cosmic order, in the universe. Let us wait and see!