Russian Marines Expand into East Aleppo to Monitor Syria's War on ISIS

"Nearly 50 Russian Marines were deployed to Kuweires Airbase on Thursday morning after a short stint in the Lattakia province that included trying and advising new recruits from the National Defense Forces (NDF)," sources said.

"The Russian Marines brought their heavy weaponry with them, including several missiles that were deployed in Kuweires warehouses near the helicopter airfield," the sources said.

On Thursday, the Syrian army troops continued to pound the militant groups' strongholds in different parts of the Northern province of Aleppo, inflicting heavy damage and casualties on them.

The Syrian army forces targeted positions of ISIL in al-Sbeihiyeh village in Aleppo province, where three vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns were destroyed, and scores of Takfiri terrorists were killed.

Also, several gatherings of al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups were targeted in al-Sheik Lutfi village and al-Rashedin area in the Southern outskirts of Aleppo city.

Four vehicles and several hideouts of terrorists along with arms and ammunition inside were destroyed.