Will the West stop in Macedonia?


 Macedonian president Gjorge Ivanov in Tuesday cut the Gordian knot of the political paralysis in which the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens have been affected by for the last two years as a result of the “hybrid war” imposed by foreign structures in cooperation with the opposition SDSM party. Ivanov announced that he will sign a decision to pardon all politicians who were charged, as a result of an investigation, not only by the Special prosecution office, created recently as a parallel structure of the State Prosecution office, but also the opposition politicians who are under criminal investigation by the State prosecution office.  

He cancelled an investigation into claims of an abuse of power, which was revealed by published covert phone recordings. The leaked recordings said that the major political crisis in Macedonia is in favor of foreign interests. He explained that he wanted to "put an end to the agony" ahead of the early elections in June. Ivanov stressed that the induced political crisis was not in the interests of Macedonia, but in interests of foreign entities. The representatives of the international community were visting the Macedonian courts to pressure the judges, behaving as if they are governors of the country, he said. He stressed that it is illegal to record the phone calls of top politicians, journalists, businessman, intellectuals, and to give illegal material to someone for political blackmailing. One year ago, the SDSM opposition party started publishing the so-called “bombs” - secretly taped private telephone calls of the top Governmental politicians from VMRO-DPMNE party. The Special prosecution office was created with the help of the Western protagonists, which so far have only prosecuted the people from the party in power.

This imposed political instability is actually a foreign plan to destabilize the country and to fulfill a final goal – to change the name of Macedonia. Why it is so important for the West to force the Macedonians to change their name and identity is a kind of enigma because there is no such an example in human history. The SDSM is very cooperative with the West in this question and they hope once they put them in power again, so they can finish the process that was started 100 years ago when Macedonia and Macedonians were first divided between neighboring countries.

Thus, President Ivanov disables the “Umbrella” over Macedonia made by the followers of Leo Strauss - a philosopher who created the “Chaos Theory”. The foreign agents “masked” as diplomats of Western countries have been working on the ground in the Republic of Macedonia using a powerful weapon of psychological warfare against the Macedonian citizens, keeping them in permanent stress and fear about their future. These leading figures are followed by domestic “sorosoidi” making a kind of “Umbrella” for the SDSM opposition party, who one year ago started to publish the so called “bombs” - secretly taped private telephone calls.

That is why Macedonian president Ivanov stated that he took this decision in order to disable the foreign agenda against Macedonia from achieving their goals via blackmail and political pressure.