Italy has launched a new political crisis


Due to the actual collapse of the parliamentary coalition, the country was on the verge of early elections, as stated by Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte does not agree with this and requires explanation. What will end for Italy the quarrel of politicians, one of whom in the West has long been called the "friend of Putin"?

On Thursday, Italian Vice Prime Minister, League leader Matteo Salvini informed the country's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte about the absence of a parliamentary majority to support the government, and informed him of the need for early elections. “I told Conte: let's go straight to parliament to fix that the majority is gone, as the TAV vote showed, and quickly give the floor to the Italians,” he said.

Conte, in turn, demanded to explain the causes of the political crisis and the need for holding early elections in the country. “He (Matteo Salvini) must explain to the voters who believed in the promise of change the reasons that led him to such an early and abrupt end to the work of the government,” Conte said, noting that the statement made by the leader of the League party “was the most open message about the political crisis in the history of Italy. "

It is noteworthy that the leader of the Five Star Movement, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Mayo, also declared his readiness for early elections. However, the decision to dissolve the parliament and call the election can only be done by President Sergio Mattarella.

The reason for the possible collapse of the coalition, which the “League” is with the “Movement,” was a vote in the Senate on the construction of a high-speed railway between Turin and Lyon (TAV). The League voted against the resolution of the Movement, calling for hindering the project, and joined the parliamentary opposition in this matter.

After that, Salvini said that the crisis arose because of disagreements on the laws being drafted. “For eleven months we have been working on laws that serve the good of Italians. But something has broken in the last two or three months, ”he said at a rally in Sabaudia.

It is noteworthy that the ratings of Salvini, who is often called the “friend of Putin” in the West, are growing despite the parliamentary crisis and allegations of ties to Russia. Nor does it bother him that on Tuesday the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation made a final decision on the scandalous case of large-scale fraud by the former leadership of the Liga party and confirmed the need for forfeiture of 49 million euros.

According to the ex-deputy of the European Parliament from Italy, the publicist Julietto Chiesa, the conflict between politicians has long been brewing. In the near future a meeting of the parliament will be convened, during which Salvini himself may raise the question of confidence in the government. Moreover, the situation when the parliament expressed a vote of no confidence in the government developed only twice in the history of the country - both times when he was chairman of the government Romano Prodi.

“The next election is scheduled for late October. Until this moment, if parliament expresses distrust, the country will be led by the “technical government” appointed by Italian President Sergio Mattarella. They will not make any political or economic decisions, but will simply manage the processes in the country before the election, ”Chiesa explained.

At the same time, in the last few months, Salvini began to significantly change his position with regard to Moscow. Earlier, he talked about restoring good relations and lifting sanctions with Russia, but most recently during a visit to the United States, where he met with Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton, Salvini spoke out for continuing full cooperation with NATO and declared one hundred percent Italy's loyalty to the policy of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“These actions to a large extent cast doubt on the fact that after the election, Salvini will continue to seek to improve relations with Russia,” Chiesa said.

If at the time of the formation of the government, Salvini had a rating of about 13%, then the results of recent elections to the European Parliament showed that he doubled his rating. Therefore, he seems to be the winner in the coalition confrontation.

In favor of Salvini is the fact that his party is well-structured and mobilized, and also has a clear ideology, which cannot be said about the “Movement”, which is simply united by the principle of “anti-establishment”.

Therefore, his opponents are trying to influence not the opinion of the public, but the position of the United States in relation to Salvini and his party.

the former Italian government still does not understand why Salvini's popularity is growing.

“Firstly, this is his rejection of the open door migration policy. Secondly, it is opposing the EU budget rules and the European bureaucrats. He showed Italians that there are simple ways to solve these problems. And he solves them.

And his opposition in the person of the Democrats, instead of understanding the aspirations of Italians, begins to convince society that it understands nothing and does not vote for those. This attitude causes even more irritation in the electorate.

Therefore, in the near future, Salvini’s rating will grow. When he is sure that the rating will allow him to form a government on his own, then you can definitely expect early elections.