Israeli massacres of Palestinians and the Russian government


Russian publisher and writer Mr. Leonid Savin asks, “Why is the Russian Foreign Ministry silent on the murder of dozens of Palestinians by Israel?” To this question, I have no answer. I don’t know how the Russian Government views the Israeli massacre of the Palestinians today.

But I ask myself, and also other friends of the captive population of Palestine, "Have the present Russian ruling elites ever done anything concrete to side with the struggle of the Palestinians who have continuously been brutalized by the Zionist state of Israel?”

To my knowledge, the answer is, No. The Russian government has done nothing at all in support of the captive population of Palestine. However, some occasional words of sympathy by the Russians have been only window dressing, nothing more. Only a few days ago, prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, was invited by President Putin and his government as a guest of honour on the anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany. In reality, that was an insult to the memory of millions of the Soviet heroes and heroines who laid down their lives to defeat the Nazi aggressors and save the world the Nazi slavery.

Now the successors of the Soviet Union thought it fit to make Netanyahu a guest of honour on the victory day! The leader of the Zionist state is doing exactly with the Palestinians what the Germans did with the Soviets. But President Putin is honouring that person and his terrorist regime. That is sad, but that is how it is. It is realpolitik in action.