Anyone is better than Hillary


Democratic primaries in Kentucky and Oregon are the last meaningful ones of the month. Hillary Clinton is a slight favorite in Kentucky, and Bernie Sanders has good results at taking Oregon.  Paul Craig Roberts, American economist and journalist analyze the situation around primaries and candidates

The most interesting thing about Kentucky primaries is that two of the three candidates come from outside the system, they do not represent the oligarchy they speaking to the people and they have had tremendous support from the people. Trump is outside, he is not part of the public establishment, and he swept the competition away. Bernie Sanders is a democrat but he is a maverick and wants to people starting listening to him and heard what he saying and started voting for him.

He probably has as many votes as Hillary. She has super delegates, these people that Democratic Party can control independently of voters and Democratic Party wants Hillary, not Sanders.

In terms of relations with Russia, Trump said that he would make an effort to get alone with Putin and he does not want conflict with Russia and Chinese. Sanders would of course avoid any kind of war. Hillary is a warmonger and she is a tool of neoconservatives who are committed to preventing Russia from rising. In fact committed to destroy Russia. The neoconservatives, their goal is to destroy Russia, in fact destroy its independent foreign policy. It have to be a vassal state like Germany, France, and England.

Trump will try to stop that, he might be successful he might not. Sanders would try to stop that. So, in terms of Russian-American relations anyone is better than Hillary.