AFRICOM declared war on Russia ... in Libya


AFRICOM’s most important goal is to “liquidate Russia's presence” in Libya.


In his annual briefing in the US Congress on February 7, 2019, the commander of US forces in Africa (AFRICOM), General Thomas Waldhauser, openly declared that the most important American targets in Africa in 2019 are:

 "Promoting stability" in Libya,

"Liquidation of Russia's presence" in Libya,

"Suppression of purchases of Russian weapons" and "the creation" by Russia of "military and naval bases" in the region.

He accused Moscow of seeking to “take over” Libyan oil and “encourage the purchase” of its weapons.

The general argued that AFRICOM "focuses" exclusively on "supporting the process of political reconciliation" in Libya by "providing security" to promote "diplomatic engagement" and efforts to "prevent the outbreak of widespread civil unrest" in the country that threaten its security and stability.

Thomas Waldhauser long talked about the "Russian threat" if Russia received access to the "coastal lands of the Mediterranean Sea", saying that this would allow it to "reach the borders of southern Europe."

Thomas Waldhauser argued that it was necessary to ensure US leadership in Africa, calling "reasons" for this:

 - The expansion of international terrorism in the "African Sahara".

- America’s growing dependence on African “energy sources”.

 - China flirts with African countries

 - Russia is trying to return to North Africa.

In 2019, AFRICOM aims to expand “security cooperation and partnerships” with African countries. AFRICOM will also give the United States “greater efficiency and flexibility” in “overcoming potential crises” in Africa.

Comments are superfluous, except for one thing: the mention of “potential crises” by the general says that the Pentagon has already prepared for Africa several scenarios of such “crises”, fraught with new sufferings for African peoples.