Libyan tribal leaders confer in Cairo


Egypt supports the patriotic forces of Libya


Egypt has become a fruitful platform for the active work of Libyan patriotic forces.

These forces are preparing for presidential elections in Libya and are in favor of Seif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Elections are scheduled to be held under the auspices of the UN in 2019.

According to Egyptian sources, the responsible authorities of Egypt support actions and activities aimed at strengthening the status of Saif al-Islam in Libya.

In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, there are constantly meetings of Libyans, which discuss ways out of the crisis caused by NATO alliance against the Libyan Jamahiriya in 2011. The Egyptians create conditions for such meetings, ensuring their safety.

A few days ago, another meeting of the leaders of the Libyan tribes took place in Cairo. It was attended by Ahmad Kaddaf al-Dame, uncle of Seif al-Islam. Tribal leaders unanimously reaffirmed their support for Saif al-Islam, who may have put forward his candidacy for president in elections in Libya.

But will these elections ever take place? Will they be democratic?

I asked these questions to one of the participants in this meeting of the leaders of the Libyan tribes in Cairo.

“We very much doubt that the United States, Western countries and the UN, which unfortunately depend on them, will allow open democratic elections without foreign intervention,” he said. “We have no doubt that the outcome of the elections will be the decision of 80 percent of Libyans to support the candidature of Seif al-Islam. But we are not sure that the United States will approve of this peaceful choice of the majority of Libyan citizens and will not try to impose their puppet on us. Therefore, a variety of options are possible for the development of the situation in Libya, whose people want only one thing: peace and security. We are ready for anything, ready to pass all tests, but the Power in Libya, united and sovereign, will belong to the people. That is our unanimous opinion. ”

- And how is the preparation for the National Libyan Conference? - I asked another question that is constantly being discussed now in the media.

“It will take place when we decide, and where we decide,” my interlocutor answered with a smile.