Refugees: dangerous eurotrip

And all because now in the lives of these people there is only one route: from Syria to Germany. The journey lasts 32 years, and you - shall see it through the eyes of one of them. Hassan Ali – is 26 years, and every day he thinks only one thing: either I'm lucky – or not lucky.

For the first time, Hassan says this phrase at the Turkish-Syrian border. Late at night he sneaks through the field at gunpoint watch towers at the border. Then, on the chaise rides north to the sea in Izmir. Dials the number of social networks, meets with smugglers and gives a thousand euros for a place in an inflatable boat. A special bus brought him to a remote beach. The boat is designed for 40 people, and on the shore are waiting for sending 54 of them , children, and many do not have lifejackets. But the smugglers do not care, overloading the boat and deadly risk to passengers for them mean just the extra 10 thousand euros in their pocket. The raft sails away. At sea, the patrol stops them. Coast Guard are not akin to sympathy. A boat means gun smuggling. If it is not destroyed – it will bring more than one group of illegal immigrants. Rubber board punch, Hassan is floundering in the sea until he is picked by the rescuers . Soon he is ashore on the Greek island of Lesbos. In the rest of the money he has to buy a ticket for the ferry to Athens, supply of food and sturdy shoes. Then he would go on foot. Ahead - Macedonia. Crossing of the border at the usual scenario. Twilight, rush to the nearest forest. In Macedonia, illegal immigrants are forbidden to use public transport. Hassan buys a bike and rides it through the entire country. During his trip he spends the night in abandoned buildings.

By railways Hassan comes to Serbia. Here he meets the police. As a welcome punch in the face he is ordered to get out of the country within three days. Very few goods. But in Belgrade for the first time he succeeded in the way to take a shower and eat normally. Forces will be needed: Ahead comes Hungary, and there especially the refugees are not welcome. On the border of billboards writes: "If you come to Hungary - do not take our jobs." Just making it clear that here it is better not to be showing yourself to others. Hassan sneaks by woods, but he once again has no luck. He got lost, wandered for two days without food until the police caught him. Then again, the familiar procedures. Waiting in an overcrowded cell, fingerprinting and the direction of the camp for deportation.

At this moment Hassan finds the phone number, which is in any case left by the smuggler. Without any hope he presses the "call" ... a few hours later he gets out of the car in the center of a small town in southern Germany. Now Hassan does not expect that the German authorities will allow him to remain in the country. A negative answer will not accept him. The newspapers write that illegals again stormed the tunnel under the English Channel, many people were detained, but many in fact were able to break through. So – its possible to try the luck.