Second attempt: the results of the elections in Spain


People's Party (Sp. Partido Popular) won the elections in Spain. The country had a second vote because no ruling coalition was formed after the elections in December 2015. Today's results are also mixed.

The failure of the left

The Socialist Party and the left-wing populists Podemos (Spanish Podemos - "We") have been unable to agree among themselves. As a result, the traditionally left Spanish society has made a choice in favor of the right-wing party. Many experts believed in the success of the Euro-skeptics from "Podemos", but the miracle did not happen. The populists worsened its position in comparison with December.

Heirs of Franco

The People's Party has an ambiguous reputation in Spanish society. On the one hand they are considered to be conservatives and followers of Phalanx ideas. On the other hand, these forces have traditionally favored the Atlanticist vector in Spanish international politics. After Franco's death, many Spaniards stopped supporting the People's Party, however, today it is still one and the main political forces in the country.

Rajoy’s Option

The leader of the Popular Party Mariano Rajoy faces a difficult choice. He again did not get the required number of seats in parliament and will be forced to negotiate with the other forces of the political coalition. Rajoy will have to team up with either someone from the "new parties" or with his longtime rival - the Socialists. This decision will depend on the political vector of Spain in the coming years.