UN accuses EU of putting migrant lives at risk


The United Nations has warned European countries about violations of international humanitarian law, based on the decision to reject rescued migrants in the Mediterranean.

UN, India and Kashmir


Akashma Marivel Guzman, you have nicely highlighted the facts about the Indian crimes in Kashmir since 1948, and what you say is absolutely true. The UN can still take steps to stop the Indian savagery in Kashmir, but there are too many restraints upon its proper functioning. The big powers have their geopolitical and economic interests in international politics. They are quite complacent with the policies of India in international trade and economic relations.

Libya: the West can start bombing again


According to recent reports, the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Field Marshal, surrounded the city of Tripoli, the capital and residence of the so-called National Unity Government (PNU), from three sides.