Roberto Quaglia - Olympics lost its brotherhood spirit and must be annihilated


Roberto Quaglia - Science Fiction Author

What we witness now from the banning Russian athletes from the Olympics is a very sad political game. There is no style in this kind of operation. Of course these athletes are probably guilty, but in the field of sport in general it is a completely disaster in a sense that there is barely any athlete who has not taken some forbidden substances in their career. There are so many cases, also in Italy, USA and other countries. I don’t say that this is a good justification, but the problem is this medical problem turned in a political. The Olympics were supposed to unite people and overcome political divisions between countries. Even this field is not respected and used for political reasons. I remember the boycotting Russian Olympics in the time of Afghanistan war. With this kind of logic there must be a lot of banning later on the issue of wars In Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia end in other countries. But there has been no banning for those reasons. I think it is not very good and Olympics could stop taking place if the political mean will keep increasing more and more.