Johan Bäckman - The West is horrified even with a sound of the Russian anthem


Actually, I read the interesting thing in a Finnish military specialist’s book about threat.  In this book it was said, that Western community considers the national anthem of Russian Federation, playing on sports competitions, as a threat. Russia is very successful in sports and in diplomacy.

Russia’s authority is growing, and the western community is getting afraid of Russian influence.

They afraid to hear Russia’s national anthem. Everybody in the world knows this melody.

Western community is very afraid to hear it over and over again on the Olympic Games. Russian anthem is considered as a military threat, because it could expense Russia’s success. USA is the most afraid of the Russian anthem. This powerful music will probably be the anthem of Eurasian Union as well.

This case is about symbols. West is afraid of Russian symbols of Russian success and victory, symbols of the State. This is all about Russophobia, the example of schizophrenic aggression of USA. This will not be successful.