Olympic Games

Two Koreas make peace in spite of the US


The first meeting of representatives of North and South Korea since 2015 began in the border village of Panmunjom. Heads of delegations met in the so-called "truce village", at the center of which the border between the two countries runs. 

The main issue of the talks was the ways to improve long-term relationships and the possible participation of athletes from the DPRK in the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, which will begin on February 9.


The American Imperium at the Rio Olympics


There was a period during the Peloponnesian War when the Spartans were barred from attending the Olympic Games for supposedly attacking the city of Lepreum during the ekecheiria, or what was then known as the “truce” that was supposed to

Sports and Politics


International sporting events have a clear political nature: nation-states enter the stadium under their national anthem, represent their countries, and, in the case of victory, their rank increases.