US Army

US capitulates to Taliban


Information about the results of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban is not that vague or contradictory ...

The US is Preparing Strikes Against Syria


The US is fully prepared to strike Syria on an immeasurably larger scale than it was on April 7 of this year.

Currently, as reported by CNN on the eve, in the region there are aircraft carrier George Bush, two destroyers and two cruisers equipped with Tomahawks. In neighboring countries with Syria, dozens of American aircraft have settled down, which can join at any time the next punitive operation to punish Damascus for a too successful fight against terrorists.

Syrian Kids, Cash, Cameras, Cynicism, Chemical Weapons & HM The Queen

by Declan Hayes

Donald Trump illegal bombing of a Syria airport solely dedicated to attacking  ISIS is the latest in the USA’s 16 year-long  hot war against the secular Arab world, which it wages, based on a tissue of lies, with Al Qaeda, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and which it previously waged in Afghanistan with its same repulsive proxies of Al Qaeda, the so-called CIA’#s Arab  Legion.