Yemen’s War – Genesis


Saudi Arabia has been at war with Yemen long before its grand coalition of allies decided to unilaterally wage a vengeful military campaign against this poorest nation of Southern Arabia on March 25, 2015. Yemen’s misfortune began at the very moment its people rose a movement against institutionalized servitude, some decades ago in 1962.

Roots of terrorism. Part 3


There is another belief of Wahabis, which is anti religion, anti Islam, anti-intelligence anti-Christianity. The belief of the Wahabis is that if the grave is slightly raised above the surface of the land then it must be demolished and leveled to the ground

Roots of terrorism. Part 2


It is proved even from the Wahabis' books that the Terrorism was ushered (announced, showed) in, was introduced to Islam by the Wahabis.  Abdul Wahab writes in his own book ‘Khashful Shobhat’ that those who believe Prophets of God (peace be upon him and his progeny)