USA Media Envies Red Machine


The USA has won 9 gold medals in the Olympics, far out doing the “Olympic Athletes from Russia’s” 2 medals. Despite this fact, the American media is seething with jealousy over the Red Machine taking the gold.

The Anglo-Saxon sports mafia has lost its conscience


Humiliation, power, and money are a classic gentleman's, more precisely, an Anglo-Saxon set. Political passion in the sports arena, which began in 2015 and reached its climax in 2016 at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, flare up with renewed vigor.

Dr. Declan Hayes - Olympics – the tool of American Soft War against Russia


Catholic Thinker and Activist

Let’s look at the Olympics, which are the part of soft war against Russia. All these Russian athletes were banned after accusation in using illegal substances. Yes, but Chinese, Irish, British and American athletes have been already caught cheating. So why not ban them too? The message of Olympics is to play fair. The West tells all this lies in a hard War, where they cooperate with ISIS, right through the Soft War. Most people are so involved with their own problems; they don’t pay any attention to this. They are told that Putin is the Devil.

Not Bach: Atlanticists against Russian Paralympians


The Russian paralympics team will not be able to participate in the Paralympics in Rio. This was stated by the head of the International Paralympic Committee, Sir Philip Craven. According to him, his organization reached this decision on the basis of the facts submitted by the commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency under the guidance of Richard McLaren.