Elections in Moldova: The Last Battle


After counting more than 99% of the ballots, the Moldovan Central Election Committee has reported that none of the candidates received enough votes (50%) to win the first round. The second round is set to take place on November 13th.

A meeting between puppets


Today, Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Chiolosh is paying an official visit to the Republic of Moldova.

The program of the visit includes a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart, Paul Philip, Speaker Adrian Candu, and President Nicolae Timofti. In addition, the Romanian prime minister will meet with representatives of opposition parties and movements. The Romanian prime minister’s visit coincides with the timed transfer of $60 million in aid from Bucharest to Chisinau.

2016 Moldova: Color Revolution Or Something Else?


Moldova is a country full of internal contradictions, be it the ongoing dispute about its identity or the political divisions within it, and these divisive forces look like they’re finally about to spill over into a large-scale destabilization.