The Great Brainwash


When considering the concept of ‘brainwashing’ most people still think in terms of the methods used by the totalitarian communist societies of the last century.

The breaking of nations


The current situation in Europe is not something extraordinary. This was in some way predicted. Moreover, several times forecasts were made by people who had opposing views on the political system in this part of the world.

Misunderstanding Trump's America


For the “real” America, the America of Clinton, Soros, the America of Global plutocracy and evangelical Transgenderism, the America of drone strikes and regime change, the America which represents the last genuine totalitarian Ideology on earth, is a problem for which there is only one solution: Liquidation.

In Defense Of PiS


Yes, the title is provocative, but no, this is not “apology porn” for one of the most virulently anti-Russian and pro-American parties in the world.