2017 Forecast: ASEAN


The US’ original plans for the Pivot to Asia have largely been reversed in favor of China, though Washington still has a few tricks up its sleeve through Hybrid War and the “Lead From Behind” stratagem in making up for its recent setbacks.

2017 Forecast: South Asia


India and the US strategically converge in the grandest way possible when it comes to countering China, hence why both sides entered into an unprecedented military-strategic partnership over the summer through the signing of LEMOA, which crucially allows either country to use all of the other’s military installations on a case-by-case basis. 

2017 Forecast: The Mideast


The Mideast is undergoing a fundamental geopolitical reorganization as Russia spearheads a Tripartite Concert of Great Powers between itself, Iran, and Turkey aimed at ending the War on Syria, though this game-changing partnership could be offset by conflicting objectives between the two Mideast powers in Iraq, which the US will try to exploit to all feasible ends. 

2017 Forecast: EU


2016 is over, and it’s thus time to review the most significant events that occurred in each region and prognosticate how they may influence the coming year.

Geopolitical Forecast for November 21-27


Monday, November 21st


Moscow. Russia. The signing of the cooperation program between Russia and the International Labour Organization on the 2017-2020.