What Will Replace the EU?


When Guy Verhofstadt, a former Prime Minister of Belgium who now heads the alliance of ‘Liberals and Democrats for Europe’ in the EU Parliament, described British political figures leaving the EU ‘as rats leaving a sinking ship’, he revealed what

International system, its origins and rules


When continents began to interact between themselves, from approximately five centuries ago, slowly, they started to form, what is now called the "international system". It is an attempt to break the Islamic fence - which threatened to strangle strategically the small and divided Christian kingdoms of Europe -, Portugal and Castile launched their navigations through the Atlantic to Asia, bordering the Muslim power

Some thoughts on Multipolarity


I was born in Slovakia in the early 1990s and was raised by my mom and dad, who are a doctor and train driver, respectively. I played basketball since I was six years old and I went to a religious high school.